Tuesday, April 21, 2020

notes on quarantine: week 5

you guys. i can't tell a lie. this quarantine has NOT been hard for me. i am a self described "outgoing-introvert." if you have ever met me (and if you're reading this, I assume you have) you would probably think- she's easy to talk to, outgoing, talkative. those things are true. I'm also an introvert. I get energy from alone time, home time, and yoga time. it takes WORK for me to do anything outside of the normal daily life activities. if i am home, i am usually pretty happy. if i have my husband home, i'm always content.

i can safely say that as the shelter in place order goes on, I am getting progressively happier and my dear husband is getting a little more stir crazy.  tony asks me every single day if I need anything at the store- I remind him that we have all we need and there will be no shopping today. He walks away, a little deflated and then starts to "tinker" in the garage or around the house. He's succesfully changed the bathroom faucet, painted the bathroom, and painted the railings on the stairs. He's also still working full time and experimenting a little more in the kitchen (which is a HUGE benefit to me).

the kids? the kids are all right. these are sweet times for our household, and i've chosen to look at quarantine life through that lens...sweet.

we have gone on daily walks (PE time, i like to say). on those walks we stroll...we don't have a time constraint and we move at the pace we feel most comfortable with (although we often beg Sailor to move his little butt). Our school day starts around 8:30. Sailor works on his virtual reality eye exercises to strengthen his eyes, Easton writes his gratitude list. We move on to a video that Sailor's teacher posts every morning and Easton does some computer math (Khan academy is his favorite). Sailor practices his piano, Easton works on Spanish, and I try to distract Poppy from coloring on the carpet with one of the many markers she always seems to get her grubby little paws on.

I have enjoyed watching the boys learn. I never imagined myself in this role of Head Teacher and mama; and while I don't plan on continuing it past our quarantine, I'm really enjoying the time with my boys.

the hard stuff is present of course. if i look hard enough i can certainly see annoyances. but why? why not cherish this time with my entire family glued to one house, with little or no outside influence? we are luckier than many. we have our jobs, food is in the fridge, medical insurance is active, and our children are loved and respected. OUR experience has been something that I hope to look back on with tenderness and fond memories.

*Sailor showing off his cooking skills and Easton's "moss castle" in our front yard. 

the introvert in me has a hard time with constant engagement...even with (and sometimes especially with) the kids. Poppy is a bear. A sweet, cute, difficult BEAR. the key to my sanity is finding outlets that bring me joy. I still teach my regular yoga schedule, just virtually these days. I get to see friends pop into my classes from back home, which warms my heart and fills my bucket. I pray, I meditate, I practice my own personal yoga (the latter has been a little more difficult to carve out the time for, but some weeks are better than others). I have weekly zoom calls with my church community group, my girlfriends in California, and three of my close friends here in Washington. I even get to do AA meetings on zoom! Life is good, these days. I am soaking this up. I'm letting these sweet times permeate my spirit and fill my heart. I will enjoy this time, for as long as it lasts....I choose to be OH-SO- Grateful.



kathleen said...

Loved this post and so happy all are doing well. I had no doubt you would all get a lot out of this time together. Big Hugs! Kathleen

Ramona said...

You are an amazing writer and I love seeing that glimpse of your life. Thanks for sharing such an intimate piece of yourself. Namaste 🙏

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