Friday, September 13, 2019

Notes on Summer: Summer Bucket List

This was a very interesting summer. Easton got out of school just a few days before the July 1rst, so our summer was a bit short but we fit A LOT in.

We started the break by making a list of all the things we wanted to get done. When Poppy went into the hospital (July 9th) we had to adjust some of our plans- but our friends who lovingly took our boys and cared for them while we stayed with Poppy; they kept the summer bucket list going. (cheers to good friends!)

The list included: 

*Silly String Fight

We were so scared for Poppy's surgery. One of the things I wanted to do was figure out how we could do something fun WHILE she was in the hospital. I didn't want Sailor and Easton to only see tony and I in a stressed and scared place. So, the day before her surgery Tony and I took the boys to a beautiful park right across from the hospital. I hid behind a tree and surprised the kids with a silly string battle. It's my favorite summer memory. it lasted all of five minutes- and it was epic.


We went to the zoo in Tacoma with my sister and brother in law when they came up for a visit a few weeks ago! It was so fun and we loved the aquarium (so did Poppy!)

*Artist Playground

Easton and I put the Artist Playground on our summer bucket list on the day we started it. We were so excited to go- Easton must have asked EVERY SINGLE DAY for the last two weeks of summer. We finally went the day before he started school (Memorial Day). It did not disappoint. The boys played for hours, climbing up the ropes and sliding down the humongous slides. We bought shaved ice, looked around the Pop Art Museum, and then jetted off to our 5pm reservation to tour the Space Needle (which was an impromptu decision).

*Space Needle

*Northwest Trek
*Visit the Davis family

Quick day trip to see our dear friends who (sadly) moved about an hour and a half away. our kiddos play so well together. Ashley and I had a wonderful time catching up and letting our 8 kids run wild.


we went bowling in lieu of going for a hike in Enumclaw...on the way to the hike it started to rain. So, plan B was bowling. The kids loved it. Sailor was a natural and got three strikes! The bowling day was one day (less than 24 hours actually) before we took Poppy to the hospital.

Roasting Marshmallows

We had a trip planned. But for the Grace of God we decided not to go, as Poppy didn't seem to be feeling well. We were supposed to be camping the day we took Poppy into the ER. I'm hoping we can plan a quick camping trip before the rain comes...

**Music Concert at Allen Yorke Park
Mariners Game (Poppy and I got to go, but sadly we didn't get back with the whole family)


the boys went to california for a quick visit while poppy and i stayed home! they had a great time visiting Nana and Grandpa and spent some quality time with Grandma, too.

*Mine Craft Festival
**Great Wolf Lodge

We went a week before we took Poppy to the hospital. It was a great time, but a bit tainted with memories of Poppy not feeling well during our stay...So, we went back (met our dear friends, Jordan & Jenny and their two kiddos) for a day trip.

*Hike Mount Rainer

we did this with my sister and her family, and had SUCH a wonderful time. we went on a trail that had the most vivid wildflowers anywhere on the mountain (per the ranger we ran into on the trail). We spotted a glacier on the mountain and got a marvelous view of a lake (maybe it's called, Emerald Lake?)- the water was absolutely stunning.

I have starred all the ones we were able to get done. Camping and the Mariner's game were postponed due to Poppy's surgery. The boys were able to go to the Mine Craft Festival and Northwest Trek with our friends- thank you Janet and Katherine!

Over all it was an [interesting] summer. I hope my little boys hold on to some of the memories we've made over the last few months- I know I certainly will...
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