Monday, June 17, 2019

Poppy is SEVEN months!

Poppy turned seven months last week. She is making all of us fall in love with her more and more everyday. 

She's about 14 pounds, wears size six month clothes, and loves wearing big bows around her head and baby sunglasses. She has one bottom tooth which has broken the surface, but it's far from totally grown's barley noticeable. We have given her little bits of food here and there...she gets most of the food on her clothes and very little in her mouth. I'm a big fan of the "baby led weaning" which means a bit more mess but A LOT more baby control over what they put in their mouth and when they feel finished. We've given her small bits of avocado, banana, strawberries, and some greek yogurt (which she dipped her hands in and put in her mouth...super duper messy).

She sits up on her own, she scoots backwards, and she still sleeps anywhere but her crib. Poppy is also going from laying down on her back to sitting up by herself- which I find remarkable. As soon as I hand her off to ANYONE, she cries. When I take her back, she stops. It's quite infuriating (and a bit sweet ;).

She talks a lot, especially at night. My friends and I are pretty sure she called John (our good buddy and neighbor) Dada. Tony has been called Dada a couple of times...and I've heard mama a few times, too. She waves hello, with her entire arm and open hand, and it might be the cutest thing ever.

Poppy loves music, especially singing. We sing to her all day long. She stops crying almost instantly if we sing. So far her favorite singer is Mama, but I'm certain she'll love Beyonce just as much one of these days.

Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Sailor's Pre-K Graduation

 Tonight, my Sailor-boy "graduated" from Pre-K.

Sailor stole my heart five and a half years ago. He's kind and cautious. He's shy and goofy. Sailor takes after his mama by singing on the drop of a dime and loves to curl up and cuddle.

 This year has been such a sweet year. We have seen a huge change in Sailor- his teacher, Ms. Lisa has played a huge role in this change. While I will happily carry his backpack and jacket and HIM... Ms. Lisa has (more times than I care to admit) kindly encouraged him to handle his own sh*t (my explative not hers 🙊).  He has become more responsible, confident, and pushes his chair in every time I show up for pick up.

Tonight at his graduation ceremony, he and his classmates sang a few songs, (songs which he has sung to me throughout the week to "practice") stood up to receive their diploma's, and proudly marched to the stage with the graduation song playing in the background.

After a quick trip to a frozen yogurt shop for celebration, tony tucked the boys in and said prayers. a little while later, sailor padded into my room. he had a "bad dream".  We walked downstairs to cuddle for a few minutes and he let me know he didn't want to go to kindergarden. He doesn't want to leave Ms. Lisa's class. He doesn't wake up early enough to go to school at 9am...  As he started to cry, I was reminded of the story my mom told me many times over the years. the story goes- when I was three, I curled up in her lap and cried because I didn't want to turn four.  sailor and I are cut from the same cloth.

These moments for us parents- they are proud, sappy, and exciting. For sailor though, it is the great unknown. will kindergarden be scary? will it be different than what he's used to? will he have to do hard things? will he have to do these hard things without his mama there to help him through? YES.

As I held my Sailor, I reminded him that he CAN do hard things. And before he does, he'll have a summer full of mama time and full of adventures.  We'll even set the alarm to practice waking up on time for school.
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