Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Poppy is SIX months!

I, Rebecca Frascone, first of my name, mother of three, sleep deprived queen of the Frascone house...did not make time to write a post about Poppy at her FIVE month mile stone. So, I will give a quick recap on her fifth month of life and sprinkle in her sixth month, too!
Poppy was dedicated (a similar process to baptism, but at our church here in Washington, we practice dedication in place of infant baptism) at Gospel Life Church on March 10th. We had a little get together after the service with all of our Community Group family and a couple of other close friends. Poppy was a little doll the entire day, and looked so sweet wearing the dress that myself, my sister, and my two cousins wore on our baptism days all those years ago. 

Poppy had been pretty fussy for quite some time and her nursing was getting worse and worse. Her surgeon (who we met before she was even born) had decided it was best to remove the mass in her belly in case that was causing issues. Her surgery went better than expected and she was out of the hospital within 24 hours. Since then, her nursing has improved (so has her mood) and she has gained 6oz in three weeks! Hooray!

She is still on the small end of the growth chart, clocking in at a whopping 6%tile for overall weight and height. She weighs 13.2 lbs. (that weight was taken on May 14) and she's as tiny as a jelly bean. 

Although she is small, she is mighty. Poppy has been very strong since day one and continues to amaze us with her body control. She loves jumping her little heart out in her jumpy saucer and cries every time I put her down- she wants to be held constantly (if she's not happily jumping). She still sleeps with me (sigh) and has yet to spend one minute in her crib. 

Poppy and I had a successful girls trip to visit my sister in Davis last month. She had quality auntie time and lot's of snuggles from her cousins. 

She is so alert and active and loves to watch the leaves on the trees, her brother's dancing, and playing with her rattle. She also loves to pull my hair. I don't love that so much....

I have made up a song for all three of my kiddos when they were babies. The boys absolutely LOVE singing the song I made up for Poppy- as soon as they start singing it, she starts screaming and giggling with joy. The song goes like this: 
Our Poppy is the best!
Though she likes to poop in her pants.
Oh, she's the best baby in the whole wide world
Oh, I love my little Poppy girl,
That's right!
Oh, I love my little Poppy girl!

Her nap schedule is as follows: a tiny nap in the morning (usually on me or in the car seat...on our way to yoga), afternoon nap (sometimes in my bed, sometimes on me while we walk), late afternoon nap in bed. wow...just writing this nap schedule makes me feel like a terrible mama...three kids is no easy task. yikes. 

We love watching our little wild flower grow and look forward to taking her on her first international trip soon! Poppy's smile is infectious. She laughs (especially at night) for tony and I, but almost always smiles and laughs as soon as she sees her brothers. They entertain her to no end...

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