Wednesday, December 5, 2018

welcome, Poppy!

*it's taken longer than i had expected to sit down and write poppy's birth story, but here it is...

On November fourth I checked into Swedish hospital at 8pm. I went by myself because Tony and the boys were picking up our friend at the airport. Brandi flew to Seattle to help us take care of our boys while Tony and I did the important work of having a baby.

By the time I checked in to labor and delivery, tony and Brandi and the kids arrived at the hospital. I gave Brandi a hug, said goodnight to the boys and the three of them left for home. My labor was being induced- so I wasn't in actual labor when I arrived at the hospital. The doctor checked my cervix, only to find that I was not dilated at all. ZERO. The induction was scheduled to start the next morning, but first they needed to give me a cervix softener to help prepare my body for the induction.

The cervix softener became the only induction intervention that I needed. By 5:50 in the morning I was in active labor. Tony woke me up, asking if he should call the nurse because I was "groaning" in my sleep every three minutes or so. I told him not to bother the nurse, as they were "just contractions." Ten minutes later, I called the nurse. The nurse checked me, and I was dilated to five centimeters. I asked her if she could give me a bit of pain medicine- while she gave me medicine via my IV, tony decided to run down to the hospital Starbucks to grab a quick breakfast. I believe the pain medicine relaxed me enough to progress my labor VERY quickly. I went from five centimeters dilated to 10 centimeters in forty five minutes.

Tony walked in the room, coffee in hand, just in time. I had Poppy at 8am on the dot. She wasn't put on my chest right away, because the NICU nurses had to check her vitals and suction her mouth and nose. Once they put little Poppy on my chest, she started nursing RIGHT away.

Her sweet face and tiny body were perfect.

When I think about my labor and delivery with Poppy, I am so grateful. My team of nurses and doctors were absolutely amazing- they put up with my panic (once the feeling to push started...I got very very panicked...and was begging and PLEADING the doctors to give me more pain medicine...which they couldn't.) I pushed for two contractions, and out she came. The moment I saw her, I said..."it was you the whole time."

A couple of my favorite moments/tid-bits about Poppy's birth: I wore the same dress/shirt I wore for my other two deliveries, tony cut the umbilical cord (he didn't want to on the other two deliveries), and tony stayed right by my side (minus the Starbucks run) the entire time...just like the other babies. I'm so thankful for my husband.

Poppy Naomi...I have waited for you my whole life.

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