Sunday, October 21, 2018

keep calm and gestate long hospital stay (no baby yet...)

there's a sign in the visitor's room at Swedish Hospital in Seattle, that reads, "Keep Calm and Gestate On." i'm trying. it's been a long few days...tony and i rushed to the hospital around 12am on Wednesday night. i had started bleeding...bright red blood. the kind that no pregnant woman wants to see.

we went straight to the closest hospital (Good Sam in Puyallup) where they wheeled me straight up to labor and delivery. they gave me a steroid shot to develop the baby's lungs faster- in case of early delivery, then checked the source of bleeding. a tear in my placenta.

the kids are all right. tony went back home to relieve our dear friend a few hours after i checked in at the first hospital. he got easton off to the bus in the morning and sailor settled at our best friend's house- then came back to the hospital to visit me for a bit. he's been back and forth- cleaning the house to prepare for possible guests/helpers, doing laundry, packing hospital bags (that should have been packed by me weeks ago), and getting the kids settled.

once things stabilized a bit, i was transferred to Swedish hospital in Seattle- where i have been under the care of the Maternal Fetal Medicine department since September (our baby will be requiring surgery at some point post birth because of a mass located on her intestine).  i really needed to be at the hospital that will be treating baby girl once she's born.

the boys came by for a visit yesterday. movies and homemade cookies kept my little ones entertained in my tiny hospital room for a few hours. I was so happy to see them. honestly...they seemed to have grown in the few days that i hadn't seen them. how do they do that?

i've met some other mama's here in the antepartum ward at Swedish; mamas who have been here a LOT longer than I. one of them has been here for three months and will stay until she delivers in two weeks via c-section. the other mama has been here for one month and has one more month to go. i can't even wrap my head around how hard that must be. staying in the hospital...waiting for borders on torture. except, this kind of torture is all about keeping the baby and mama as healthy as possible. so maybe not torture at all...just extremely hard.

i'm super stable, and get to leave today. if i have any more bleeding...i'll be back here immediately and delivering a baby right away.  hopefully all will be fine back at home and i will, in fact, be able to KEEP CALM AND GESTATE ON (for one to two more weeks).



Unknown said...

Big hugs and kisses!! Can't wait to see all of you and meet new baby girl, love you all a bunch!!

magdalawaag said...

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