Saturday, June 23, 2018

baby bird number three (a girl)!

 i found out i was pregnant on a trip home to the Bay. my first clue was falling asleep in the movie theater. i never fall asleep during movies...ever. i took a little test and than texted the result to my sister, then to christine, then to marissa. it took me a whole day to finally call tony. i told him over facetime...i think (i hope), i will never forget his smile.

the first trimester was a real challenge. i'm not sure those children of mine have ever logged so many hours of television in their entire lives. i was so sick that there were times (of which i'm not proud) that i was very close to hoping this whole pregnancy thang wouldn't work out. i stayed in bed as often as i could, i cried a lot, and i dreaded waking up in the morning because i would inevitably have to open the refrigerator to get breakfast ready for my boys. opening the refrigerator is a special form of torture reserved only for tough pregnancies and serious food aversions (to which I have had/been both over the years). i was sick daily...but only before i ate (another form of torture)  i mistakenly joked with my midwife that it would be nice if i could at least throw up once i've HAD something to eat- that gestational bulimia would be a welcome silver lining (ahem...joke). She did like that very much (whoopsi).

my boys were hoping for a baby sister...easton said he wanted a little sister who looked just like our friend's baby. sailor said he wanted a little "gurwel" who he would name lucy.
i just knew it would be a boy. i tried very hard to remind them how wonderful it will be to have another little boy running around the house...but my heart always wanted a girl.

i ordered two sets of confetti cannons, one blue and one pink. i had the ultra sound tech place the gender results in a sealed envelope, which i than gave to my friend. she gave me back the correct set of confetti cannons, sans any gender determining stickers. my best friend's sister just moved to bonney lake from the bay area...briana is an amazing photographer who so lovingly agreed to capture our gender reveal moment. below are the results. the surprise and excitement in all of our faces is palpable; my's etched in my heart forever. i am so grateful to be bringing this third little bird into the world, and so thankful to have a little girl.


the "open mouth smile" is something pretty common in special moments. like when best friends get married...

or when tony and i get married...

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