Friday, December 8, 2017

conversations with sailor.

sailor is a real kick in the pants. he has a witty, super quick sense of humor and he makes me laugh all day long. the other day, as we were driving to a doctor appointment (a location i had never been too), I had a science podcast for kids streaming on the phone and directions going simultaneously. every time Siri's voice interrupted the podcast to give me turn by turn directions, Sailor would say...

"calm down, Siri. Calm down."

i COULD NOT stop laughing. this phrase came out of no where. sailor, what will you say next?


Thursday, December 7, 2017

Notes on travel: Philadelphia

One of my best friends moved to New Jersey recently. Her new husband (tony) is a New Jersey native who knows how to order Philly cheese-steaks like a pro and speaks with a super legit NJ accent. They bought a house in Jersey, 20 minutes from the Philadelphia border, in a town where cars stop for geese as they cross the road, the streets are lined with trees, and the houses are so far apart you would never know you were in a "development."

Marissa casually brought up her desire to run the Philadelphia marathon a few months ago. I casually said I'd do it too (hand slap to forehead). So, we registered for the run, bought plane tickets, and promised to train in the months leading up. That training didn't happen. I ran about six miles two or three times, but most of the time I stayed in the three to four mile range. I was NOT ready. Luckily, she wasn't feeling super ready either- so we skipped it! 

We took a day trip to Manhattan, where we shopped, ate at Balthazar, hopped on the subway to grab desert at Serendipity (my favorite desert place in all of NY), and walked by my old apartment! I love being in New York so much...our day trip left me feeling like i could use a week trip (very soon).

On saturday (our run day) we went to Philly sans running shoes. My tony made me promise to take a picture by the Rocky statue (which I dutifully did), plus we took a quick run up the museum stairs (just like Rocky :).  We saw the Liberty Bell (from afar, we weren't going to wait in line to see it up close...sorry, it's just not that interesting). We strolled around Independence Hall, and I'll admit, I was overwhelmed a bit by our country's history. It was surprisingly humbling to stand where our forefathers stood...where they wrote, bled, and argued our country into existence (although, I could have done without that whole...electoral college bit). 

It was the shortest trip. too short. I had such a great time with my best friend...and felt so grateful for the opportunity to take a quick holiday to visit her. 

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