Thursday, September 28, 2017

one year in washington: wherever you go, there you are.

I had big plans for life in the Pacific Northwest. Things would move a little bit slower. I would create delicious meals every night, with healthy non-processed food (no more Macaroni & Cheese, thank you very much!). Tony and I would be home together every night, reserving the evenings for family time- "togetherness". I planned on weekly hikes with the kids- rain or shine and made a commitment to myself that I would go to sleep earlier and wake up earlier...I was going to clean bathrooms.

And then, it smacked me right in the face. Wherever you go, there you are.

Life got busy pretty quickly. Tony joined BSF, a men's bible study which met every Monday night. On Mondays, I had a regular women's meeting, where the kids would hang out in the playroom with a babysitter & the other AA kiddos. We had Community Group every Wednesday, (which has been amazing), planning sessions for Absolute Ministry's annual fundraiser on Sunday nights, plus YOGA in the evenings at iYoga in Bonney Lake. My grand plan of an early bed and early rise were sabotaged by Netflix and Amazon Prime.

Priorities were set. Evenings were packed. Togetherness...well, it happened when it happened.

Very quickly, our lives were full and busy and maybe...maybe a bit chaotic, again.  (I though chaos was reserved for the Bay Area and my college "town" of NYC).

Setting expectations is always dangerous for me. I am a bit chaotic. I'm an over-committer, who loves to LOVE people well and have alone time for my favorite things- namely yoga and detective shows. So, in knowing myself, and allowing me to be just plain old me, I can set myself up for a bit more success and a bit less chaos. I will not "create" elaborate meals, I'll plan simple healthy ones that take less time to prepare. I'll talk to Tony about our week.  We'll eat dinner together, enjoy some board game time, AND get to a late night Yoga class...if it works out. Mac & Cheese? It will happen. So will cereal for dinner. Instead of feeling guilty about that, I'll embrace it. I'll make an effort to give myself, my husband, and my schedule a little more GRACE.

I love our new home- the house...but also the place. The people. The smell in the air when it rains, and the feeling of sun on my skin when it shines. I feel settled, and less stressed. When I think about my favorite days or evenings- they always include my family, my best friends, and a bit of down time. You know, the Sacrament of Plop- that special time reserved for plopping down on the sofa and snuggling with my people.

I know I'm not the most prepared or organized mama. (How do the other preschool and kindergarten mom's remember homework, water bottles, and picture day?!?) I will never be TYPE A, but I'm okay with that. My kids are loved, my family is settled, and we have fun. A lot of fun.

Wherever you go, there you are. The geographical location changed, but I'm still me. You know, I'm okay with that...

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