Tuesday, August 15, 2017

notes on travel: Mount Hood & Sun River, Oregon

Late July our family of four headed to Oregon, to camp at Mount Hood National Forest. It took FOREVER to find a camping spot, but I was finally able to reserve one right along the Columbia River Gorge- and now know that I should do it far more in advance next year.

We arrived at our camping spot only to discover that the tent we haven't opened in four years was actually a TWO person tent- not the four person tent I had imagined. So, with very little sleeping room, the four of us cuddled for two nights- Easton sleeping at the foot of the tent and Sailor crammed in between Tony and I.

There was a trail which started at our campsite and led to a valley, and then through a dense forest where it ended at a stream. we walked in the stream and did some yoga postures for instagram (of course). I nearly killed my whole family in order to get to a log that spanned both sides of the river (for said yoga pose). Whatevs.

On our second day we headed for Lost Lake. The 45 minutes of kids asking "are we there yet" was well worth it. Lost Lake Resort had everything we could have wanted for our day of adventure. We rented a canoe and crossed the entire lake, swam a bit in the ice cold lake, and bought ice cream at the General store. There's a hiking path which takes you around the entire lake, (about 3 miles or so), and lots of trails for more extensive hikes. The lake was clear and blue- and we were in heaven.

If it was up to me, we would have explored all of the waterfalls and swimming holes along the Columbia River Gorge, but alas, we didn't have the time to fit it all in. Next year, however, we'll be back!

From Mount Hood, we drove about three and a half hours to meet Tony's parents in Sun River. Sun River is a resort town, known for it's skiing in the winter and outdoor adventure in the summer. the house my in-laws rented was perfect for the six of us- it had a hot tub, bikes, and ping pong table! We went to the SHARC a huge pool and waterslide park, where we stayed all day, and took turns playing with the kids in the pool. Sailor loved the lazy river- him and i stayed in that thing for about two hours, slowly going round and round in tubes....you know... being lazy.

Tony and I had a much needed day to ourselves, where we hiked along a waterfall for about five or six miles. we talked about work, family, yoga, and our new life here in the Pacific Northwest. We ate our Clif bars sitting on a bridge above the river, and made plans for the year to come. After our hike we found a restaurant in Bend, called The Laughing Cafe, where we ate bowels of Vegan AMAZINGNESS.

The Village at Sun River was fabulous, with little shops, an ice cream parlor, outdoor bounce houses for kids, and bumper cars! Easton did bumper cars about a thousand times, while sailor and I stood in line for the best ice cream I have ever tasted.

On this trip, the boys got to spend time with their grandparents, play in the hot tub every single day, explore a new city, and have daily adventures. I was able to go to Bikram Yoga in Bend (what a treat), and spent much needed quality time with the whole family. I ran over the boy's scooters with the car, went shopping (no sales tax!!!), and chatted late into the night with my mother in law (who i love dearly).

This was such a special trip, and we are looking forward to doing the EXACT same thing next year.

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