Sunday, November 15, 2015

notes on travel: sedona

 tony and i took a quick and magical trip to sedona, arizona last week. it was a three night getaway without the children. originally, tony was scheduled to have a heart procedure in november but his cardiologist determined that the procedure wouldn't be done (which is a fabulous turn of events). so instead of carving out time for hospital, we carved out time for vacation. 

i've heard over and over again that sedona is a healing, spiritual place- and given our big fat heart scare in august, we decided we needed a spiritual and healing place to vacation! 

we flew to phoenix on friday night and stayed at the Palmor (a kimpton hotel). we had dinner at Pizzeria Bianco, a great spot in old town Phoenix known for it's wood fired pizza's and long wait times. the great thing about the wait… Pizzeria Bianco has a bar next door (a totally separate building) that you can grab a table at while waiting for the servers to tell you when your table next door is ready! we had dinner with my God-Sister, Sarah and her husband Kurt (who very successfully sold us on the idea of moving near them…we shall see…)

(tony's ever present robert de niro face- it always shows up in selfies)

saturday morning we drove (our rental car) to sedona (it took about an hour and a half). immediately we were totally blown away by the red rock formations- they are magnificent. we checked into our Amara Resort (Kimpton) hotel room and went for a long walk. dinner was at 6:30 at the famed L'Auberge restaurant. we ate a four course french meal- which was by far- the best food i've ever eaten in my life. 

sunday we took a long hike twisting and turning up to the top of Cathedral Rock. i was amazed by how green and lush everything was throughout the hike until we reached the top. sedona is not a desert and therefore gets enough rain to keep everything green! who knew?!

after our hike we ate lunch at a mexican restaurant, then headed to the Pink Jeep tours to book a tour to one of the 700+ year old Native American sites, called the Honanki Heritage Site. this was by far the best part of our trip. i loved seeing the cliff dwellings and petroglyphs. i loved walking the paths of the ancient people who loved, used, and protected their land. my favorite spot was a dwelling that researchers believe to have been the site of the midwife. it was a small room at the base of the rock with painting of the midwife symbol (a circle with a line through it) and a picture of a mama, holding her baby towards the sun in gratitude. just beautiful. 

we had dinner on sunday night at an old spot (the oldest restaurant in sedona) where elvis priestly and john wayne used to dine at. the cowboy club, steak house was good (not great) but the history was pretty fabulous. 

 monday was our last day in sedona. we hiked up a big rock and stayed on top for quite a while. we sat, prayed, and felt the intense energy (truly) the rock's vortex gave off. i did a few yoga poses on the rock and honestly wanted to stay up there forever. tony let me stay as long as he could, but alas it was time to drive back to phoenix to board the plane and see our little monsters. 

it was an amazing trip- one that will go down as one of our favorites! we'll be back (next time, with the kids) again! for sure. 

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