Tuesday, October 27, 2015

beach retreat.

my posse and i went for a little beach retreat this past weekend. oh my goodness. the house was amazing. there were about seven of us women- four of whom went up on friday (myself included) and three of us stayed through monday.

we stayed in Aptos, right on the ocean. my friend (and mentor) and i went on a ten mile walk up and down the beach, i wrote, colored in an intricate coloring book, watched movies, and cooked. we all missed our kids but husbands and children came up on sunday to enjoy the beach and barbecue. Tony and i even got a little quiet time together, sitting on the beach and watching the sun set.

the kids and i stayed sunday night, and left late in the morning on monday.

my favorite thing about our little getaway? i slept THROUGH the night two nights in a row. that my friends, was amazing…

the boys and i love to dig in the sand for sand crabs. on sunday we were digging for almost two hours, finding countless crabs and letting them go. we also found a HUGE clam (which i opened, and thought about cooking, but didn't) and two little crabs (a mama and her babies…maybe?)

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