Saturday, May 9, 2015

notes on travel: san francisco (staycation)

last weekend we took an impromptu vacation to san francisco. our church is in Marin, so we often head over to san francisco after church to explore and play. this past weekend we thought, let's stay overnight! i used priceline to find a great deal on a hotel (i always use the price negotiator tool, and get amazing AMAZING deals at pretty swanky hotels). with taxes and fees included we payed $105 to stay at the Monaco Hotel on sunday night.

we got to our hotel right after church, threw our bags down, and headed out for lunch. we decided on pizza. blondie's pizza (my favorite). we wanted to be nice and full while we waited in line for the cable car.

 blondie's pizza is right next to the cable car stop, so while we ate, easton could hear the "ding ding" of the car and nearly jumped out of his seat every time. he was so excited. we waited in line (and listened to a terrible street singer, who was holding us hostage by singing into a microphone right next to the line), watched pigeons hang out on the tracks, and watched in amazement as the cable car workers manually turned the cars on the track.

easton was in heaven, while we rode the cable car. i kept singing "clang clang clang, went the trolllllyyyy. ding ding ding, went the belle…" and all three boys were frightfully embarrassed of that. (although, my neighbor got a kick out of it). we stopped off at the pier, and got ice cream. easton hung out on tony's shoulders while we walked around fisherman's warf.

when we finally took the cable car back to union square, the boys were tuckered out. we went back to the hotel and ordered thai food. easton watched a movie while sailor fell asleep in the porta crib.

we had such a sweet time in the city. i wish we could stay, and never come home. i think easton might be a city boy...

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