Thursday, April 2, 2015

notes on travel: kauai

tony and i jetted off for a quick hawaiian getaway to the garden island. we decided to go to kauai on a whim a couple of months ago. we thought about doing a family trip, but then thought again. with a seven p.m. bedtime, we would be stranded in the hotel/rental every night unless we split up and did things on our own. also- we wanted to hike. we knew we couldn't hike with a three year old and one year old in tow, so a trip for two was in the stars.

once we decided on the north shore, we started looking for places to stay. although i love the idea of luxury hotels, i never seem to end up there. tony and i tend to be drawn to more, kitch-homey vibes (remember when we stayed in a treehouse in Big Sur?). after reading far to many travel blogs i stumbled upon the Hanalei Surfboard House. the owner of this super fabulous establishment is a retired music producer from the UK (he even signed RADIO HEAD!) simon potts, has three bungalow apartments that he books for no less than three nights (but he gave us three nights because he is just so sweet! ;-) we stayed in the elvis sweet. it was decked out with elvis memorabilia, a full kitchen and bath, seating area, beautiful secluded patio, and a crazy comfy king bed. he stocks the bathroom with local soaps and shampoos and the kitchen with local coffee! our house was a ten minute walk to downtown hanalei and a two minute walk to the beach. perfect!

we didn't have much on the agenda (except for a non-negotiable hike along the na pali coast). we spent the first day browsing in the downtown boutiques, napping, and going to a fabulous dinner at Postcards Cafe (it was the best dinner of our vaca).

the second day was our active one. we hiked, swam in the ocean, and took a leisurely walk downtown to dinner. i showered like THREE times a day, because it's the rainy island after all, and they aren't on drought alert! i also slept throughout the night all three nights we were there, and woke up to wild roosters in the morning.

on the third day we spend the entire time at Tunnels beach near the Na Pali coast. i attempted to snorkel but the waves were so huge that i got knocked around more times than i'd like to admit. so, i put the snorkel gear away and body surfed for three hours. it was amazing. tony laughed every single time i got  pummeled by waves, and i went into lifeguard mode every time he got pummeled by waves.

we ate sushi for lunch at Sushigirl every day we were there. it was hands down the best sushi we've ever tasted. i am craving it right now, actually.

i'm sort of a homebody by nature, so travel is a little stressful for me. what i have discovered is that i do best when i stay in one area- make it my own. explore the in's and out's until i have uncovered all that is  about one particular area. it makes me feel at home, even when i'm far away on a tiny island. that's what we did in Hanalei. we stayed there the entire time. we loved it!

a quick note about travel without kids. tony and i felt that we really wanted/needed some time to recharge together. it was so special, so needed. we went through the list of 36 questions to make you fall in love, and had beautiful conversation and attention with each other for four full days. it was absolutely wonderful. we missed the little's, of course. but we loved the alone time. it's something that we have tried to do once a year since we brought easton into our little family and i hope that we will continue this. our marriage is the most important part of this family. it holds everything together. we have to have as much focus and attention on it as we do our children. with that said. i was like a magnet to every single little child on the island. i found myself cooing over little babies and laughing at toddlers. i wanted to be seated near them in restaurants and on the plane! crazy, i know. life without kids, it's less colorful, now.


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