Wednesday, March 25, 2015

road trip: huntington beach

easton, sailor, and i took a little road trip this week. our dear friends moved to huntington beach (and broke our hearts) in january and we've been looking forward to getting down there to see their new digs. (the digs are amazing…by the way)!

we arrived in huntington beach early evening on sunday and started playing immediately. we drove to lego land on monday and had a great time riding the rides, digging for dino bones in the sand pit, and playing with the HUGE legos in the playground.

karen and i had some quality/distracted catch up time. we talked about motherhood, work, household tricks, and sleeping arrangements with the little ones (karen and brian sleep separately, one with their daughter and one with their son. while tony and i have allowed easton to sleep with us every single night for the last three months. eek!)

on the last day, the kids played in THIS jumpy house for three straight hours (naked, of course). our children love each other so much- they play so well together and giggle and joke and pretend. there is nothing more fabulous than watching deep friendships blossom in such tiny little beings.

on our way home, we stopped by Moon Juice to buy myself a few days worth of a cleanse (that was BIG BUCKS). we ate chia pudding, drank strawberry nut milk, and looked at amazing crystals that (hopefully) gave us good vibes for our drive home!

what a great trip. can't wait to do it again!!

here are a few road trip tips:

one. bring special snacks. hand them off when the kids start to get fussy.
two. take a couple breaks. we stopped at a rest stop and played a game of cards, explored, and ate watermelon mints.
three. don't sweat the small stuff. kids fuss. they whine. it's not my job to keep them in perfect spirits the entire time- it's my job to react with respect and patience.
four. when a baby cries from hollywood to los banos- put in ear plugs. don't stress.
five. stop at walmart in (God knows where) and buy baby advil (in case sailor is crying because of a sore tooth) and let children choose toys. when easton choses a pink rainbow care bear, smile because he is so sweet. sailor chose the brown one (tender heart, bear).
six. jelly beans.
seven. two shows on my phone- easton got to watch two shows. the end.

i can't believe that i didn't get ONE picture of the kids with their pals (or karen and i)!!! we were having too much fun to stop for photos…


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