Sunday, February 8, 2015


for some time now i have debated on sharing a part of my life which is extremely…anonymous. i thought about it. i prayed about it. i talked with friends and loved ones about it. finally, i made a decision.

it is my belief that we are made strong by grace and honesty. all of us can overcome adversity if we give people a chance to love us through hard times and in turn, love others through their hard times. i feel it an honor and a privilege to share my story in the hopes that someone, somewhere might find their voice in their own struggle. an over sharer, i may be. but i like it that way. transparency is a gift. i find that when i am transparent- people feel they can be transparent with me. transparency opens doors, windows, attics, closets, trunks…(you get the picture). people open up when we open up, first. it's a beautiful thing.

i was recently asked to write for a post for a blog whose purpose aligns SO wholly with mine. Brave Stories creates a platform to those of us who have walked through challenging times and have come out the other side.

"if you're going through hell, keep going"- winston churchill

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