Monday, February 16, 2015

san francisco.

tony and i drive our children to marin every single sunday for church. we love our little church and it is soooo worth the hour long drive (each way) to get there. every week easton is super pumped about going on the golden gate bridge. it's one of our favorite moments of every single sunday- driving over that beautiful bridge. the most amazing thing about our long sundays in marin is that we are able to explore a part of the bay that we never have before.  marin, san francisco, sausalito- we get so spend so much time doing new things in new places once a week. we absolutely love it. sunday is a designated family day.

yesterday we left church and drove into san francisco. we went to dolores park on what was probably the most beautiful day in san francisco EVER. it was 78 degrees and sunny. the park was full of people from all walks of life. there were hundreds of people sitting on the grass, eating snacks, playing on the playground, and (obviously) juggling.

easton and sailor played on the playground (non-stop) for so long. we bought easton an ice cream from the ice cream man, and climbed up the steep stairs to the longest and highest slide i have ever seen. easton couldn't get enough of that slide. sailor played in the little kid's area where he climbed up the little slide like a baby monkey. oh my goodness, he is so cute.

we went to tartine bakery after the park for sandwiches and desert. the lemon cream tart was out of this world. by the time we left the bakery both of my boys had taken off their shoes and walked down the street of san francisco to our car in bare feet. my little hippies.

yesterday was also me and tony's seven year wedding anniversary. i couldn't think of a better way to spend it! next week we'll be doing some other fabulous thing after church. probably a ferry ride out of the marin harbor or something equally wonderful. no matter what we do, we'll be together. xo

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