Friday, February 20, 2015

i've been eating, cooking, reading, browsing, and buying…

i've been eating: lot's of semi healthy stuff. which is semi normal for me. i've decided to work on consuming less carbohydrates during each meal- i'm sort-of following a diabetes diet. 45 grams of carbs at each meal and 15 grams during snacks. i'm not following this precisely, but i'm working on it. i don't eat meat/poultry very often so it's easy for me to eat LOT'S of carbs if i'm not careful. we still get Plated deliveries every week, which is awesome for mixing up the recipes and eating new dishes. we really love it.

i've been cooking: the last meal i cooked (yesterday) was quinoa fried rice with carrots, scallions, onion, ginger, garlic, and egg whites. it was really good. that's a dish i make quite often. we make pizza every friday night with easton- so that was tonight's meal. i ate two small slices of that with veggie spring rolls from whole foods (my go-to friday night dinner).

i've been reading: i just finished Traveling Mercies by Anne Lammot. Annie is a new york times best seller, and happens to be my kid's sunday school teacher. she's a long time member at our tiny church and one of the best writers in the world. she's amazing. read any one of her 15 books. they will blow your mind.

i've been browsing: i'm always browsing, aren't i? well, lately i've been trying to keep my browsing to a minimum. i gave up shopping (of any kind, except groceries) for lent. but, i've been looking for the perfect purse for some time now. i've found one. i want it. i won't be buying it. here it is, if you wanna take a look. it's beautiful, no? (i love Clare Vivier bags).

i've been buying: well. see above. since i'm not currently shopping, i'll tell you what i bought last month. a trip to hawaii in March. also, i went on a lulu lemon shopping spree and bought three yoga tops and three pairs of leggings. so that's that.

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