Thursday, February 19, 2015

dear, body.

dear body,

i want to take some time to acknowledge YOU.

let me start by saying how thankful i am for you. you've been through a lot over the last thirty years, and i've just been sitting inside your head, thinking about all the ways i'd change you.

i'd also like to apologize. i'm sorry for all of the food restriction, food binging, and all of the sugary deserts i throw at you time and time again. i know those kidneys have worked really hard to regulate all the crazy food i've given you over the years. i'm sorry for the waist trainers and spanx- those must be uncomfortable. i'm sorry for all the alcohol and the nicotine. i'm sorry for the tattoos and piercings.

i must confess that over the years i haven't given much thought to the aluminum that's in the deodorant/antiperspirant i've applied to you…that can't be good for you. i've covered you up with makeup and whitened your teeth with unnatural products more times than i can count. i've never given you the opportunity to be good enough. i've never accepted you just as you are. for all of that, i am so sorry.

you are amazing.

wow. you've grown two children in your body. you've fed and nourished both of those children after giving birth to them. you healed the shattered ankle and became more fit and more active than you ever were before that break. you swam alcatraz. you have hiked more mountains than my little mind can remember and you've run great distances- just for the hell of it. you stood on your feet through years of working retail and didn't complain (well, almost never).

thank you for telling me when it's time to relax, even though i don't ever like to shut off this brain of mine. thank you for bouncing back from all of the sunburns over the years. i'm really sorry about those. i've spent so much time trying to make you more beautiful, more fit, more accepted. you are beautiful. you are strong and poised. you are my better half. over the years i have been more focused on myself than i've ever been on you.

i need you to know how grateful i am. how amazed i am at your ability to heal, nourish, give life, run, hike, swim, bend, flex, and carry. you've held my children in your arms thousands of times. you've wiped their tears and jumped on beds with them. thank you for flying kites with easton and swimming with sailor. thank you for working with me during our yoga classes. thank you for remembering to breath in and out.

you are something you be honored and treated like a temple. i will work on loving you as you deserve to be loved.


dear mind,

we're partners. that's what i'm here for.

but, i could do without the spanx.


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