Monday, December 1, 2014

dad's train.

this weekend my brother-in-law set up my dad's old train set. it's been so many years since we've seen that train chug around the electric track. my dad loved that old thing. every christmas he brought brought it out, set it up with engineer precision- quietly, steadily, patiently. i have such beautiful memories of that train set. many of the models for the "village" were made by my dad's two hands. my dad loved that thing. (today i joking said to my mom, "i bet lot's of resentment was brewing while dad played with this set for hours while you handled two kids on your own." Ha! now that i'm a mama, i sure do know how annoying that might have been. (she smiled and nodded.)

today, as easton played with the train, i could imagine my dad in heaven, beaming at this little three year old. i could hear his laugh, and feel his joy. thank you God, for keeping my dad alive through happy things- like trains.

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