Monday, November 10, 2014

sleep training and lot's of cuddles.

we have been sleep training sailor-boy. for a very long time we have lived with NUMEROUS wakings ever single night- with little thought as to what (or if) we would do anything to "fix" the problem. one morning- tony and i were dead tired. we looked at each other and said, "enough." so, i went out and bought the sleep easy solution. this book gave lots and lots of great tips- but more importantly, it propelled me to get the ball rolling.

the first night we let sailor cry after his first waking for five minutes. tony walked in, patted his tummy and said "night night" (he was in there for less then 30 seconds). then we waited 10 minutes. tony went in, patted his tummy and said, "night night." then we waited 15 minutes, this time after tony went in, sailor stopped crying. after one hour, sailor woke up and we started the process again…except this time, we were already in bed and quite sleepy. so, after tony went in the second time- i set my alarm for 15 minutes (shut our door) and went back to sleep. i kept waking up to sailor squeaking, and thinking "well my alarm hasn't gone off yet so it hasn't been 15 minutes…" HA! my phone died. i realized it in the middle of the night- so, i went back to sleep. i thought- he's almost one year old. he can deal.

the next night, i closed sailor's door and put ear plugs in. either he hasn't woken up, or we haven't heard him. either way, it worked. he's now sleeping through the night (and napping better during the day). this exercise might sound extreme to some but for us, it was necessary. i knew he was safe, i knew he was tired, and i knew that if my husband and i didn't get some {freaking!!!!!} sleep- we would both run away from our children (probably to thailand).
the fun thing- easton shares a room with sailor, so we've had a little slumber party with him in our room for the past four nights. it's been great! easton has always slept in his own room, door shut, lights off- and we never really had a lot of quality sleepy cuddles with him. tonight we put him on the floor on his toddler bed mattress because it's just a little too tight in our queen bed with him in it. if sailor sleeps throughout the night for the next couple of nights, easton will go back to his shared room with sailor.

sleep issues are quite a hot button issue amongst the mama's i know. what i have learned over the years is that everyone needs to find the balance between their parenting philosophies and their own well being (and the child's well being of course). sailor has been cranky and tired lately. his awake time seems to lack quality because he's exhausted. forcing him to stay in his bed all night was the only thing i could try, to see if his temperament might change. seriously, after four nights of this- he's happier. plus, tony and i are SOOOOO happier because we are more rested too! HOORAY!

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