Friday, September 12, 2014

sleep procrastination.

i am one of those people who loves to stay up late. i love it. really, i do.

i remember when i was pregnant with easton- i felt this impending doom. like, soon, i would be so tired i wouldn't be able to stay up late, watching whatever show i wanted or reading a book into the wee morning hours. i was right! having babies makes you understand the need for sleep.

lately, tony and i have been having a little trouble getting up and out in the morning. we are feeling a little sluggish, a little frazzled, and really really sleepy. i attribute this morning daze to 'sleep procrastination.' we are staying up to watch 'one more' of our favorite tv shows. we are planting ourselves in front of the tv to marathon watch Parenthood, True Detective, Ray Donovan, and Masters of Sex. we just want one more hour of quiet time, without kids.

the problem is- that additional hour (or two) is really making us sleepy. my best instincts tell me to turn off the tv, disconnect from the computer, clean the kitchen, and get into bed by 9:30. the little kid in me crosses my arms, digs my heals in, (says, 'humph') and stays up anyway.

do you sleep procrastinate? my goal for next week is to be in bed at 9:30 every night. even if i'm reading in bed- i want to make an effort to start getting to sleep earlier.

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