Tuesday, September 2, 2014


 easton started preschool last week. he was shy and timid but he warmed up and has been really enjoying his new school. he spoke about starting 'skuuuuule soon' for the entire summer. every time we passed a school bus he would ask, excitedly, if he was going to ride on a school bus to preschool. of course, he can't take a bus, but we are hoping to pull some strings to allow him a ride on a school bus very soon.

easton is such a sweet boy and his small Christian school seems to be such an amazing fit for him. thankfully, it is also a great fit for our schedule. i can't believe how hard it was to find a preschool that accepted early drop off and two full days a week. most of the preschools we toured were either half day programs or five full days a week. we were thrilled to find this preschool close to sailor and easton's daycare that is minutes away from tony's work. all is right in the world.

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