Sunday, September 14, 2014

bay area family tourist day: pie ranch

we have so many amazing places to see in this bay area. we are so lucky. tony and i have tried to make an effort to do more, see more, and enjoy more of what our great bay has to offer. yesterday we took an impromptu trip to pie ranch. it's a teaching farm right off of highway 1 (really close to anõ neuvo). the farm has a daily market with fresh eggs, veggies, and fruit that it grows on site. it also serves up some amazing pie. we bought beets (two different types) and pie.

we explored the entire farm with easton and sailor. we fed cows and goats, said hello to the chickens, checked out the huge garden and greenhouse, and rang the dinner bell. we even got to see a snake and cat!

here are some photos from our time at pie ranch. i have to say- if you live in the area, you must visit. it's so beautiful, so friendly, and there are so many great little spots to explore. plus, the pie is absolutely to die for.

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