Tuesday, September 30, 2014


swimming alcatraz this past weekend was, without a doubt, one of the coolest things i've ever done. i loved being in the open water, swimming with like-skilled swimmers (like-skilled, is that a word), jumping out of a boat to begin my swim (that was what i was most fearful of), and finishing in really great time (48 minutes).

i certainly wasn't the fastest swimmer in the group, but my time might have been better had i not veered off course by about a quarter of a mile (damn those currents). it's such a odd feeling swimming in open water for such a long time- i think freedom is the best way i can describe it. i felt totally liberated, strong, and free. it was wonderful.

swimming in my dad's honor was sort of, cathartic. i felt so much love for him throughout that swim. i felt closer to him somehow. i'm not sure how to describe it in words- but i think the best way is this… it felt like he and i were in it together.

dementia took so much from him, my family, and all of those who loved my dad. swimming for him, raising money in his honor, these were tiny things- but they brought his name, his life, out of the darkness of death and into the light of life. that's all anyone can do after they lose someone they love. keep their memory alive. i've said this, i've written this so many times but it's still true- i am so humbled, so honored by all of the support i've received.

the joy i felt after finishing this race for my dad was indescribable. i'm thankful for these moments of joy because they make the loss of my dad bearable. thank you to those who supported financially, those who supported with kind words of encouragement and prayers. thank you, oh so much, dear friends. WHAT. A. GIFT.

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Jamie said...

Oh, that picture of you hugging your mama.. tears for you sweet, friend. Awesome accomplishment!

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