Wednesday, August 20, 2014

mama to a nine month old.

sailor is nine months old. it feels a little sad, this birthday milestone. i'm not quite sure why, but i'm pretty sure it has something to do with the knowledge that he just may be, my last baby. nine months old really starts to mark the climb into toddlerhood. soon he'll be walking and chatting, and before i know it- he'll be telling me to give him some 'privacy in the bathroom, please.' (oh, easton.)

the last few days, i've been a little schmooopy about the whole thing. baby sailor is growing up. each month that passes offers new and exciting developments for him- all of which i love. i just want it to move a little slower. (don't we all)

nine months has had a lot of new developments. he is eating all sorts of cut up fruit, veggies, and legumes. he's really excited by food and can't wait to get his little paws on it. i have opted out of the baby food puree in lieu of fresh stuff that allows him to grab, chew, gum, and swallow. it's been going really well (he has two teeth on the lower gum and two coming in on the top). the baby still won't sleep through the night. so, i'm still brining him into bed at some point during the night and nursing/sleeping with him until morning. (which is working out just fine)

he is sitting up, rolling over, and sitting up again. he repeats this process quite quickly so he can get where he wants to go. it's pretty cute. sailor wants to crawl so badly, but he's just not quite there yet. any day now…

sailor and easton still giggle at each other incessantly. they are such a cute little pair and really have fun together. today easton was leaning on the foot rest of the stroller and sailor was grabbing his face and laughing so hard. my heart was in a pool on the ground. it literally melted.
i'm not quite sure why, but this picture (above) is one of my favorites of sailor. he just looks so flirty and unsuspecting. and a little bit like…"what? i didn't do anything wrong… i'm an angel" kinda-look. also- the hair is killing me. it's literally a MOP on top of his dome. hilarious.

Friday, August 8, 2014

small little home tour: living room

i did a small little home tour a while ago of my favorite little spots in my house. i thought i'd give you a bigger peak into our home, one room at a time. this is our living space, which is [tiny] and lovely. it's the perfect combination of homey and bohemian. it feels relaxing and comfortable (which is how a living room is supposed to feel).

1. a basket for all of sailor's baby blankets and carriers. 2. it's ok. a daily reminder. 3. we love our little blue couch (but could use a bigger couch for cuddling…one day) 4. we have a tiny record collection. 90% used to be my parent's. i love pulling out a record and seeing the neat way it was put away- knowing my dad was probably the last person to listen to that one… 5. homestead. 6. the plants are mine. the goldfish is easton's. 7. lovely little wall hanging. 8. tony's vintage eames chair. 8. a play space for easton. 9. we like to jam to records in the morning. 10. war is over. if you want it. 11. i'm a coffee table book collector. 12. black and whites of us.
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