Tuesday, July 29, 2014

swordfish skewers with orzo.

i have a dirty little secret. sometimes…food goes to waste in my house. it's the worse feeling in the world to look in my refrigerator and find bad broccoli, string beans, brussle sprouts, etc. i feel a deep sense of sadness as i throw away those precious bits of produce. i try to plan meals pretty diligently, but sometimes stuff just comes up. one night we might randomly go to our parent's house for dinner, one night might have unexpected commitments that don't allow for meal prep- and all of a sudden, it's thursday and monday's chili and all the veggie fixens are bad. :(

i thought i'd give plated a try. it's a meal delivery service that sends all the ingredients for that night's meal- you just have to do the prep and cooking. it's relatively inexpensive and it feels sort of- fancy. fancy always makes me excited and that means there's a smaller likelihood that we will avoid making that meal. 

 also- i cook the same stuff all the time. plated gives me the choice of different meals to have delivered, some of which i would never have even thought of to make! it has added a bit of variety in our extremely boring lives (just kidding :).

tonight, i made the swordfish skewers and orzo. it's amazing. every bite is delicious, and less than the cost of a meal out. 

 when i opened the plated box, inside (for this dinner) was:
swordfish~ zucchini~ grape tomatoes~ basil (although i used the lime basil i bought at the farmer's market instead)~ orzo~ one lemon~ garlic~ skewer sticks~ honey (for the marinade).

i got the two thumbs up from tony! tonight's meal was a success (and super easy).

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