Monday, July 21, 2014

mama to an eight month old.

eight month old sailor is quite a pill these days. sleeping has been nonexistent. it's not that i don't love cuddling with sailor-boy in the middle of the night, but four to six wakings in one night is just too much. other than that- things have been great. he's a sweet baby who loves to be with his mama. he cries the minute i put him down and wails when i walk away. he sweetly says "ma ma ma ma, mama" and curls his little lips to cry when easton ROARS at him. (i would too!)
i love watching sailor laugh at easton. it's probably one of my favorite things about having a second child. seeing his little eyes light up when easton plays with him- what a joy.

sailor is sitting up very well these days. he's trying quite hard to crawl, but no success yet. rice cereal is going a little better- although that's still all he's had. i'm going to try some avocado this month and maybe something like carrots or squash. any first food tips?? i made lots of delicious food for easton, but for some reason i can't seem to remember what i started with…

 it's really cool to sing both of our boys to sleep at night (at the same time!) and lay them down in adjacent cribs. they seem to like sleeping together. usually by the third waking, i'm too tired to do anything other than bring him into bed and nurse him in my sleep. the second half of the night rotates between him in my bed nursing and the bassinet that he barley fits in in our room.

one night, sailor was crying and we heard easton trying to calm him down from his crib, singing "you are my sunshine, my only sunshine, sailor, you are my sunshine." that was BY FAR the sweetest moment of motherhood thus far. sailor finally drifted off to sleep, listening to his big brother croon.

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T said...

For Evan, he refused all purees, so we went straight to the Baby-Led Weaning style (basically finger foods). We started with large slices of cooked foods(sweet potato was one of the first ones). That's what worked for us! He never accepted purees. We did spoon feed yogurt (the only thing he accepted on a spoon). I think we started that at 7.5 months. The Baby-Led Weaning book gave us the tips we needed for safety. Just wanted to throw it out there!

That's a really sweet story about Easton singing to Sailor!

Theresa W.

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