Sunday, July 13, 2014

big changes and a big weekend.

there have been a few changes here in the frascone house. usually, we have all summer to hang out and laze around. with tony's principalship and my contract work the last few years, we got to make our own summer schedule.

this year, my, how things have changed. it's with a heavy heart and lot's of excitement that tony has accepted a job as the HR Coordinator for his school district. this is a big job, but one he will ROCK. we are so sad to say goodbye to our elementary school family. the teachers, staff, students, and parents have been so amazing- not just to tony, but to me and the boys as well.

this new job gives tony the opportunity to grow his career at the district office level and gives us a chance (hopefully) to spend more family time- as the hr job is far more likely to be an 8-6 kind of work environment. as a family with two small kids, his work hours and commitment were pretty high and kept him away far more than he liked.

so, our summer has been cut a little short. he accepted the position last wednesday and started on thursday. we've had to make some adjustments and are getting all we can out of our weekends. this weekend started with a baptism and birthday party, and ended with the farmers market, a fun drive to the oakland hills, and cooking dinner as a family.

maya's baptism was perfect, and oh-so-special. here is a pic of easton and maya giggling during the service. these two break my heart, they are so sweet to each other. easton looked lovingly at maya and said, "maya, you're my best friend."

we celebrated david's birthday at his and stacy's house in livermore. we had so much fun hanging, eating, and playing a rousing game of bean bag toss.

los gatos farmer's market wear we got eggs, veggies, fruit, and olive oil. (easton counted the tomatoes as he put them in the bag, ever so carefully.

there's a neighborhood in the oakland hills that has a pocket of eichler homes. these are my dream homes. so we took a drive to look at them. one was for sale… (one day…)

i cooked spaghetti with kale, green beans, and yellow and gypsy peppers from the farmers market. plus we had cherry tomatoes with fresh locally made olive oil and peaches for desert. 

then, rice cereal happened. (tony didn't want sailor to feel alone in messy eating, so he smeared rice cereal on his face. what a guy.)

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