Thursday, June 5, 2014

strangest mothering moment, ever.

last night, this really weird thing happened…

tony and i have been totally exhausted, (this past week has felt like one continuous day) so in the middle of the night when sailor wakes up to nurse i've been brining him into bed with me. i'll start to nurse then fall asleep- i usually wake up and put him back in his crib, but not always. (it's not my favorite new habit). anyway, last night i must have started changing sailor in the middle of my sleep. i sleep-changed him. except that i must have done it laying down, while he was laying down, without a new diaper on hand. i woke up to a naked baby and a stream of pee all over my stomach.

when i got up, pee was dripping down my leg and soaked my nightgown.

the funniest part? my bed was also soaked with sailor pee.  i did what any normal mama would do... covered it up with a towel, stripped down, changed sailor, and went back to bed. as if nothing happened.

also, i ate a peach today and my face broke into hives. plus…check out sailor boy's hair. ridiculous.

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