Sunday, June 1, 2014

girls night.

my girls and i got together last night for some old-fashioned girl time. we ate, drank (i drank ginger beer which is non-alcoholic and delicious), played cards against humanity, and chatted. a few of us even slept over at kathy and joe's house because we were just too tired to drive home. sailor and i co-slept with hilary in kathy's guest bed, while christine slept on the couch. it was really fun to wake up to a few of my friends this morning. remember sleep-over's?! those were the best (and they still are). here are a few photos from our fabulous night. (i love my friends).

these women have been my friends since childhood. many of them, since we were five years old. it melts my heart to spend time with them. the love we have for each other is palpable. we are so lucky. so blessed, to have each other.

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