Tuesday, June 10, 2014


one of the greatest gifts of family and friends is the ability to commune with one another. together with our dearest and most beloved family friends we started a tradition of cooking and eating family meals together once a week. eating and cooking with each other has been one of the most special traditions in my life thus far. our friendship has grown, our love for each other has grown, our taste in food has grown, and our humor has really grown.
 last friday we gathered at our house with our pals, and made some really tasty food. JJ and i do all of the cooking- it's our thing. him and i get in the kitchen together, laugh, make fun of what the other one is doing (or trying to do), and create some really yummy stuff. JJ is a man of few words and i have made it my life's mission to get his praise for my cooking. it almost never happens. he usually incessantly makes fun of whatever i make (vegan chili, anyone?). but i always strive for greatness in JJ's eyes.

 last week JJ made bacon infused red potatoes with blue cheese and cut fruit for desert (good, one J). I made filet mignon for the masses and quinoa vegetable salad. that night, JJ was quiet. he was concerned about me (ruining) filet mignon (i don't cook meat very often), so when he gave me a nod of approval- i nearly fell out of my chair! success!!

i love our little family tradition. i love our friends. 


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