Sunday, June 29, 2014

date night.

this weekend tony and went out to dinner for the first time since sailor was born. i booked a reservation at flea street cafe in menlo park for friday night. it was so nice to hop in the car with tony enjoy a nice drive and talk about…normal stuff. normal conversation without kids crying or asking to retrieve a dropped toy.

we ate super yummy food (i had short ribs, which is something i have literally NEVER ordered), we both had desert and coffee, and we talked about everything from work to ideas for the future. it was so refreshing to spend time alone, outside of the home. it made us both decide that we don't do it enough- so date night will start to be a recurring activity.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

mama to a seven month old.

usually, i write about all the amazing things that sailor has been up to in the month since my last write up. but today, after seven months of being a mama to two babes- i would like to spend the first paragraph or so talking about ME.

these seven months with sailor in our life have been incredible. i have learned how to take care of the needs of two little people at once, gone to work in a new position at a company that i [truly] love, maintained my personal commitments outside work and home life, and continued to pour myself into tony and my rockin' marriage. life, with all of it's challenges, heart breaks, and set-backs is so much better than i would have ever imagined possible. i am truly grateful for what i have, and who i have in my life.

sailor boy, he is one of our greatest little blessing. obviously. what i have enjoyed most is learning how to be a mama to SAILOR. he is an entirely different baby than easton was. he's clingy, fussy, and really really needy. i actually love that. i loved how independent easton was as a baby and i love how dependent sailor is.

sailor has been rolling around all over the place. we have two sets of stairs in our home, so we are now putting blockades up so that he doesn't roll down. he still cries every two hours after i put him to bed at night, and i pick him up and feed him every-single-time. tony and i both believe that he said "mama" three different times yesterday, so we're going ahead and calling that his first word ;)

sailor grew two teeth this past month, both are on the bottom but came up separately (easton's two bottom teeth came up at once). he's fitting into clothes that easton wore at 10 months, so he seems to be a bit larger. i'm doing a horrible job at dressing him in all of his clothes. i'm rotating my favorite four outfits all the time.

he won't eat any solid foods, yet. which is fine. i'm one of those hippie-mamas that really stresses nursing above all else, so i'm really not forcing the "other" food issue until he's one. (talk to your doctor about that, if that's something you are interested in- i've spoken to mine/sailor's). we can't wait to see what eight months looks like! in easton's word; "sailor-boy, your the best".

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

portrait, 23 of 52.

easton: he takes puzzle-ing very seriously.
sailor: sailor boy has the most beautiful smile.

ps- i think i'm behind a week. whoopsi.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014


one of the greatest gifts of family and friends is the ability to commune with one another. together with our dearest and most beloved family friends we started a tradition of cooking and eating family meals together once a week. eating and cooking with each other has been one of the most special traditions in my life thus far. our friendship has grown, our love for each other has grown, our taste in food has grown, and our humor has really grown.
 last friday we gathered at our house with our pals, and made some really tasty food. JJ and i do all of the cooking- it's our thing. him and i get in the kitchen together, laugh, make fun of what the other one is doing (or trying to do), and create some really yummy stuff. JJ is a man of few words and i have made it my life's mission to get his praise for my cooking. it almost never happens. he usually incessantly makes fun of whatever i make (vegan chili, anyone?). but i always strive for greatness in JJ's eyes.

 last week JJ made bacon infused red potatoes with blue cheese and cut fruit for desert (good, one J). I made filet mignon for the masses and quinoa vegetable salad. that night, JJ was quiet. he was concerned about me (ruining) filet mignon (i don't cook meat very often), so when he gave me a nod of approval- i nearly fell out of my chair! success!!

i love our little family tradition. i love our friends. 


Monday, June 9, 2014

tilden park, berkeley.

yesterday we met my sister, her husband, and baby boy at tilden park in berkeley. the park was absolutely amazing. it's expansive, covering 2,079 acres. it is a perfect place to take children for outdoor exploration and fun. we visited the steam train (which costs $3 per ride), went for a small hike, and had a picnic on a blanket on one of their huge lawns.

 the park has hundreds of hiking trails, a carousal, botanical garden, and so much more. the carousal was not in operation on sunday, but easton had so much fun on the train that it didn't matter. we will be going back for a long hike and train ride again soon!

Sunday, June 8, 2014

portrait, 22 of 52.

easton: those glasses.
sailor: we let him try a little avocado today. he pushed it out of his mouth, and didn't seem too interested. i think we'll try the solid thing in another month or so. no sense in pushing it...

Thursday, June 5, 2014

strangest mothering moment, ever.

last night, this really weird thing happened…

tony and i have been totally exhausted, (this past week has felt like one continuous day) so in the middle of the night when sailor wakes up to nurse i've been brining him into bed with me. i'll start to nurse then fall asleep- i usually wake up and put him back in his crib, but not always. (it's not my favorite new habit). anyway, last night i must have started changing sailor in the middle of my sleep. i sleep-changed him. except that i must have done it laying down, while he was laying down, without a new diaper on hand. i woke up to a naked baby and a stream of pee all over my stomach.

when i got up, pee was dripping down my leg and soaked my nightgown.

the funniest part? my bed was also soaked with sailor pee.  i did what any normal mama would do... covered it up with a towel, stripped down, changed sailor, and went back to bed. as if nothing happened.

also, i ate a peach today and my face broke into hives. plus…check out sailor boy's hair. ridiculous.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

are you content?

some days, as i'm driving or when i'm watching my husband watch tv, i think…'how can life get better?' i am so content.

the thing about contentedness is this: some days are great, some days are bad, some days i want stuff. but overall, i would not change anything about my life. there are absolutely things i need to work on. i really want to lose that extra weight that's lingering around my bod, and i would love to have a bigger, more luxurious couch, oh, and a bigger savings account would be nice. all of these things will come, in time. the stuff that won't change? my family, my friends, my serenity…those things are so magnificently great. i mean REALLY great.

what makes someone content? the dictionary defines content as; satisfied with what one is or has; not wanting more or anything else.

i've struggled with contentment my entire life. in various avenues, it's always been nearly impossible for me to be satisfied. i always wanted another friend, another drink, another bite of ice cream, another pound lost. i am someone who always wants more.

what i've come to understand is this: wanting more is less about the actual 'thing' and far more about my state of spirit. when i am in a bad spot, a stressful spot, a sad spot i go for 'things' to make me feel better. when my family was waiting for the final phone call to tell us my dad has passed, i was online shopping. when i was driving to the hospital to have easton, i was online shopping. before leaving for a long trip, i was frantically calling every single store in the bay area that sold Toms…i wanted a red pair (now, they're everywhere). understanding my desire to look outside myself for gratification has been the key to unlocking the potential to look inside for fulfillment.

i know that i will always need 'things.' i can't go through life without getting a new pair of shoes or buying bedding. but what i can do is look around and know that everything i really need is already in place. my spirit is the first priority and i will never have a healthy soul if i'm continually looking outside to fix what's on the inside.

are you content? have you always been? or like me, do you need to work on being content on a daily basis? for me, it takes work. but the work is so worth it. i really love my life.

Sunday, June 1, 2014

girls night.

my girls and i got together last night for some old-fashioned girl time. we ate, drank (i drank ginger beer which is non-alcoholic and delicious), played cards against humanity, and chatted. a few of us even slept over at kathy and joe's house because we were just too tired to drive home. sailor and i co-slept with hilary in kathy's guest bed, while christine slept on the couch. it was really fun to wake up to a few of my friends this morning. remember sleep-over's?! those were the best (and they still are). here are a few photos from our fabulous night. (i love my friends).

these women have been my friends since childhood. many of them, since we were five years old. it melts my heart to spend time with them. the love we have for each other is palpable. we are so lucky. so blessed, to have each other.

portrait, 20 & 21 of 52.

easton: he loves taking bathes. bathes are his happy place.
sailor: sailor boy's eyes are starting to look so green. he's beautiful.
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