Thursday, May 15, 2014

summer travel.

i have been looking for places to travel this summer. ideas have ranged from Trinidad and Tabago, Kauai, Stinson Beach, and good ol' camping in Yosemite. i am trying to decide between spending far too much money on a first class vacation and spending almost nothing on camping in the woods. tony and i have done lots of small trips throughout our marriage, but nothing over-the-top. i'd love to go to hawaii with my family one of these days, but i just can't seem to pull the trigger for this summer.

any trip ideas? trinidad and tabago caught my attention because of the leatherback turtle reserve and beautiful accommodations in the rainforest.

i am a huge fan of hiking, as you all know, and tony loves to lay out on the beach. hawaii seems like the perfect combination of the two. i also love the woods, although rainforest hiking happens to be my most favorite thing on the planet. i really wish we lived in New York. ughhh. it's so much easier to take a quick-ish trip to paris or london. that would be amazing.

i grew up camping, but tony isn't a very big fan. i know it's hard to believe, but i'm so good at roughing it- and tony is, well, sorta prissy about it.

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Jedburkey said...

That you like camping doesn't surprise me. Your dad loved the outdoors so much.

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