Wednesday, April 16, 2014

montessori at home.

i work two days a week and my boys go to their babysitter's house. as i've said before, i am lucky enough to send my children to the very babysitter who watched me when i was little. she and her husband run an in-home day care and they are the most humble, loving, and kind people you will ever meet. i am proud to send my kids to such a loving environment. tony and i are even able to get away for short weekends! we "let" easton spend the night once a month or so- just to have a night off ;)

while we are home the other three days a week, i am doing montessori style lessons with easton. our day usually goes like this.

6:30- easton wakes me up (ughh) and we eat breakfast
7:00- i put on two show for easton. Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood and Veggie Tales or Super Wy
8- 9 we are taking Molly on a walk, getting dressed, changing sailor, etc.
9-10:30- we do Montessori lessons.

montessori style preschool works to teach a couple main elements:
life skills
finishing projects
self suffiniencey
self directed lessons

when easton is doing his lessons, i give him a choice between three different tasks. since we are concentrating mostly on life skills the tasks might be:

spooning beans into a bowl, pouring a pitcher of water into a cup, using clothes pins, folding a napkin, buttoning pants, zipping a jacket, hooking overalls, cleaning a table, sorting and folding socks, setting the table, or slicing a banana. (the list goes on). i will put three activities together in one room and he gets to choose which one he starts with. he can do all three activities or just concentrate on one. if he does choose to do all three, he must finish one completely before he starts the next (if he's pouring water into a cup he has to put the cup and pitcher away before he starts folding napkins). In one set of lessons, he gets all four of the Montessori objectives: life skills, finishing projects, self sufficiency, and self directed tasks.

after we finish the lessons, we have lunch, read books, and have nap time. when easton wakes up from his nap the day goes any number of directions! we only do "lessons" in the morning right now. it's going very well- and easton is feeling really proud and empowered by his skills!

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