Thursday, April 3, 2014

do you practice your greatest passion daily?

one of my greatest dreams is to have a published book. writing is something that i take great joy in. i have fallen in love with expressing my thoughts, dreams, and experiences through the written word- and hope to compile all these into one polished work one day.

i have listened to countless interviews on npr (national public radio) of artists, writers, directors, and successful entrepreneurs who all say one thing about their work- the best way to get good at what you do is to do it every day. if you love to paint, paint everyday. if you love to write, write every day. at some point your work will start to morph into what it's supposed to be. it will possibly be compelling enough to gather an audience, but either way, it will be a part of you.

i love the idea of writing every single day. there have been times in my life when i wrote consistently every day, but most of the time i just don't schedule it into my day.

 my friend Rob is so passionate about studying the bible. yes, he is a pastor- so he does make a living doing his greatest passion- but it didn't start out that way. he studied the bible (and still does) every single morning. it became clear to him through this consistent studying that he wanted to make his career one that centers around his deep and profound relationship with God and the Bible.

what is your passion? do you do it daily? do you make money doing your greatest passion or is it something that you do on your off time?

i am making a commitment to myself to write every day. even if it's just for 20-30 minutes.

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