Monday, April 28, 2014

portrait, 16 & 17 of 52.

a friend of ours died last week and we've been in a state of sadness and anger. it's been nice to look through pictures that i've taken this week- i'm reminded about the innocence and joy that children are in so much of their day. despite the pain that our dear friends are in (and the sadness we also feel) our kids bring light and joy to our hearts.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

a great man.

a friend of our family died this week.

rich was an amazing man. he moved ever so gracefully through people's lives with a quiet beauty that only comes from humility, generosity, and kindness. rich hasn't been in my life for a long time- for about two years we've known him well, but he became like family. he treated tony, easton, sailor, and i like family. he loved us and we loved him.

there is too much to say about rich, too much goodness. he was an important piece of this world. i say this with all the strength in my heart: he was the kindest, most generous person i have ever known. he would "adopt" people all over the great town of milpitas and beyond. he took people in who didn't have a place to go for holidays- like his starbucks' barista. he bought police officers coffee. he made friends on his favorite walking trails. he took his daughter's friends out to lunch. he bought hats for two year olds who were obsessed with hats. he volunteered at the local vet hospital. he walked almost a marathon every single day (seriously he walked over 25 miles almost daily) while a bunch of us competed in a "biggest loser" contest- he lost the most weight, won the pot and paid for all of us to have dinner with that money (at tony's yearly golf tournament no less, so all that money went to tony's school). i would have bought some new clothes. not him.

there is so much about rich that seemed to make him so special. his space here on earth was not occupied for long enough. i can't help but think that this world is a little worse off than it was a week ago. there just aren't enough kind, generous, and thoughtful people out there. he was one of the good guys.

rich taught me something more profound than i ever could have dreamed. he taught me that one person can affect so many people, for the better, if they are just willing to spend time, encourage, support, and love others. the truth is that all of us will die one day, but only a few of us will be remembered with as much admiration as rich.

When God picks a rose, he chooses the best, most beautiful one. He picked Rich out of a bunch of wilted roses- Rich stood out and God wanted him for Himself.

Monday, April 21, 2014

mama to a five month old.

sailor turned five months old!  his last week as a four month old was pretty rough. he was
admitted into the emergency room for a bad case of croup, where thy gave him a steroid to help the inflammation of his airway and a couple of breathing treatments. he is feeling much better this week (the steroid works for 8 days). as soon as his cough settled down, he started teething. oh, snap. he is in a lot of pain and sleeping terribly. he's sleeping so bad, in fact, that i have brought him into our bed the last couple of nights because he only sleeps well next to me. on top of the teething, his rolling over (which was so cool at first) is also keeping him awake. we put him to bed on his tummy (tsk tsk, said the doctor) and he rolls over on his back and won't fall asleep that way. i have started referring to him affectionately as the turtle because he looks just like a turtle turned on his back with legs and arms flailing in the air while he is squawking for his mama.

he has started to laugh and giggle at just about everything. he loves watching his brother, who is such a goofball as you all know. sailor and easton get along pretty well- with just a couple of hiccups every once in a while (sailor isn't fond of easton poking him in the eye, who can blame him?).

we are pretty sure that his eyes are going to stay blue, or turn to green. they are beautiful. his eyes smile and sparkle. he is such a beautiful baby. sailor's hair has become almost cartoon character, like. it spikes straight up in the air in little whisps. people comment on his hair all the time. a guy behind me at whole foods laughed out loud and said sailor's hair was the most awesome baby hair he'd ever seen. when single guys comment on my baby's hair (and not my hot self) you know it's pretty remarkable ;)

he weighs just under 13lbs, which i think is huge but according to the doctor he is in the 5%tile. why i have such tiny babies, i'll never know. sailor eats quite well after his afternoon nap, but it's almost impossible to get him to eat before noon. i think he might be one of those people who never eat breakfast when he's older. he just doesn't seem to have an appetite in the mornings. so, i pump.

i miss him dearly when i send him to day care two days a week, and always feel just a little guilty. i was with easton 100% of the time until after he turned seven months. i feel like sailor is getting the short end of the stick- but he's surviving and so am i.

i love my little guy so much. is it to early to want another one?!?! i'll have to convince tony first!

Friday, April 18, 2014

portrait, 15 of 52.

easton: he was so excited to get these bunny ears!
sailor: "SOME BUNNY loves me."

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

montessori at home.

i work two days a week and my boys go to their babysitter's house. as i've said before, i am lucky enough to send my children to the very babysitter who watched me when i was little. she and her husband run an in-home day care and they are the most humble, loving, and kind people you will ever meet. i am proud to send my kids to such a loving environment. tony and i are even able to get away for short weekends! we "let" easton spend the night once a month or so- just to have a night off ;)

while we are home the other three days a week, i am doing montessori style lessons with easton. our day usually goes like this.

6:30- easton wakes me up (ughh) and we eat breakfast
7:00- i put on two show for easton. Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood and Veggie Tales or Super Wy
8- 9 we are taking Molly on a walk, getting dressed, changing sailor, etc.
9-10:30- we do Montessori lessons.

montessori style preschool works to teach a couple main elements:
life skills
finishing projects
self suffiniencey
self directed lessons

when easton is doing his lessons, i give him a choice between three different tasks. since we are concentrating mostly on life skills the tasks might be:

spooning beans into a bowl, pouring a pitcher of water into a cup, using clothes pins, folding a napkin, buttoning pants, zipping a jacket, hooking overalls, cleaning a table, sorting and folding socks, setting the table, or slicing a banana. (the list goes on). i will put three activities together in one room and he gets to choose which one he starts with. he can do all three activities or just concentrate on one. if he does choose to do all three, he must finish one completely before he starts the next (if he's pouring water into a cup he has to put the cup and pitcher away before he starts folding napkins). In one set of lessons, he gets all four of the Montessori objectives: life skills, finishing projects, self sufficiency, and self directed tasks.

after we finish the lessons, we have lunch, read books, and have nap time. when easton wakes up from his nap the day goes any number of directions! we only do "lessons" in the morning right now. it's going very well- and easton is feeling really proud and empowered by his skills!

Sunday, April 13, 2014

celebrating thirty.

easton and i made cupcakes (he put the sprinkles on top!). i bought some decor from Target. easton loved watching me blow out my candles. how cute is sailor-boy in the birthday hat?! easton is one happy camper when he's eating desert. tony and sailor make my heart melt.

the girls came over on saturday to celebrate my birthday with some bagels and coffee before heading off to the spa in carmel that i chose. we all drove up together in christine's mini-van and spent the day getting massages, relaxing, and doing a hydrotherapy cycle that made us all so relaxed we could barley move. it was amazing.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

portrait, 14 of 52.

sailor: he has been grabbing his feet all week.
easton: just loves to help his brother find those feet. 

Thursday, April 3, 2014

do you practice your greatest passion daily?

one of my greatest dreams is to have a published book. writing is something that i take great joy in. i have fallen in love with expressing my thoughts, dreams, and experiences through the written word- and hope to compile all these into one polished work one day.

i have listened to countless interviews on npr (national public radio) of artists, writers, directors, and successful entrepreneurs who all say one thing about their work- the best way to get good at what you do is to do it every day. if you love to paint, paint everyday. if you love to write, write every day. at some point your work will start to morph into what it's supposed to be. it will possibly be compelling enough to gather an audience, but either way, it will be a part of you.

i love the idea of writing every single day. there have been times in my life when i wrote consistently every day, but most of the time i just don't schedule it into my day.

 my friend Rob is so passionate about studying the bible. yes, he is a pastor- so he does make a living doing his greatest passion- but it didn't start out that way. he studied the bible (and still does) every single morning. it became clear to him through this consistent studying that he wanted to make his career one that centers around his deep and profound relationship with God and the Bible.

what is your passion? do you do it daily? do you make money doing your greatest passion or is it something that you do on your off time?

i am making a commitment to myself to write every day. even if it's just for 20-30 minutes.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

portrait, 13 of 52.

this week i've included tony in a couple pictures. he's on spring break and spending lot's of quality time with his boys.

sailor: he is such a peaceful and beautiful sleeper. he sleeps every night with his cashmere blanket that a good friend made for him (she actually made two and we rotate them, for fun and spontenaity ;)

easton: he and daddy dressed alike for church on sunday (daddy's idea) and then posed for a very "fashion forward" picture after finishing dinner.

tony: this last picture is a typical weekend morning in our house. the boys pile on tony and watch some cartoons. (doesn't easton's haircut look crazy? it reminds me of loyd's hair style in Dumb and Dumber!
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