Tuesday, March 11, 2014

keeping my family healthy...

 i try to do my part in helping my family stay as healthy and strong as possible through food, exercise, and making sure emotional needs are met (we've even done therapy, (gasp!!)). 

although i cook whole foods, buy very few processed foods and encourage fruits and veggies above all else- i know that there are gaps in the nutritional needs being met in my household.

a couple of years ago my friend suggested i try Juice Plus+ after a few bouts of sickness following tony's new job as an elementary school principal. that man high fives, shakes hands, and knuckle bumps 725 sweet little germy kids every single day. he was paying the price. 

after he started taking Juice Plus+ the colds just sort of…phased out. eventually i started taking it and [truly] have not been sick in the last two years. easton, who goes to day care two times a week has gotten sick only twice (one of those times being last month). when he has gotten sick, we double up on Juice Plus+ and his colds last half the time of his other sick pals. a huge bonus? we eat the chewables in our house- and it's like having desert every morning ;) 

i write about this great product because i truly believe that it helps keep our family healthy, and i want my readers to give it a chance to help they're family, too! 

here is some information about Juice Plus+ which i think everyone should know. 

What: Juice Plus is not a vitamin. It's food. It's been approved by the FDA. It's a capsule (or chewable) that started out as fruit, veg, and berries. The food is picked when they are vine ripe, juiced, and then the pulp and juice are dehydrated and put into capsule or chewable form. When taking Juice Plus+, you are getting a full days worth of fruit and veggie nutrients. PLUS, you are getting a full variety of fruits and vegetables that most of us just don't get on our own.

Why: You should take this product if you want to stay healthy even in the worst of sick seasons, you feel like you just might need a little more nutrient variety in your diet that you can't get on your own, and/or you  want to have prettier skin, gums, heart arteries, ect. :) It's great for kids and adults!!!

If you are interested in reading more about it, click here to get all sorts of information on clinical research that has been done on Juice Plus+ in a number of different areas like, immunity, tooth health, heart health, inflammation, etc. 

let me know if you want to learn more about the product, or try it for yourself! refrascone@gmail.com  (also, adults can buy their supply and if they have children over the age of four, their kids get a free monthly supply to participate in a clinical children's study! score!!)

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