Saturday, March 8, 2014

i'm struggling a bit...

i'm really struggling with losing the weight i gained while pregnant with sailor.

after having easton, the weight truly just melted off. yes, i had a bit more time to hike more often. but other than that- things are pretty much the same. except they're not.

i've been eating better, watching my calories, and working out regularly. i've been so discouraged and overwhelmed with the combination of going back to work (part time), sending sailor and easton to day care while i work, personal commitments, social commitments, keeping up my home, cooking, and being a wife- that i just sort of broke down this week. slowly, slowly i have diverted from the eating and working out that i was getting so good at. it started with filet mignon last week, only working out twice this week, and moved on to a full blown binge-eating-of-sweets fiasco.

today is a new day. but i feel heavier. i feel really sad. i focus far too much on my weight- i know this. but i want so badly to feel good about my size. whaaa whaaa whaaa.

today is a new day. back to the grind.

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Unknown said...

I totally understand your pain my youngest is 8 months and I feel I haven't lost near what I would have by now with my others. I think it's age things start to slow down a bit. All I can say is you lool great and don't worry as much it will come off. You're beautiful new mommy again , it will get better . Cheer up

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