Thursday, March 27, 2014

small little home tour.

i thought it might be fun to do a little house tour. maybe one of these days i'll do one in greater detail- room by room, but today i thought i'd start with some of my favorite places in the house. our house is not big- but we love it, just the same. here are some pics of some of my favorite spaces and decorations which live in my home...

1. the picture wall was my "nesting" project while pregnant with sailor. 2. black and whites of me and my love. 3. "war is over, if you want" print. 4. sailor's little corner. 5. "e" is for easton, and an anchor for sailor. 5. there is always a hat laying around somewhere. 6. pregnant hippo and her baby (a gift from my sister). 7. a lama box (i'm a sucker for pretty little unique boxes). 8. i love coffee table books, specifically fashion ones!. 9. there's something magical about lace curtains. 10. my dad's 1970's camera and tony's grandfather's 1950's camera.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

portrait, 12 of 52.

easton: he's been growling quite a bit lately.
sailor: he laughs with his mouth wide open.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

what do you do when your bébé is sick?

easton was sick the other day. we were playing at the park and he kept asking for water- like abnormally often for 10 in the morning. when we were getting in the car, he started throwing up. it was so sad. he looked so confused. my friend (who was at the park with me) told me to get pedialyte and give him a table spoon at a time every 30 minutes or so and to increase it was he is able to keep it down.

i did what she said (my father-in-law brought by the pedialyte and saltine crackers). it worked like a charm. he felt so much better by saturday morning. but he was still sick. slight fever, cough, and runny nose. tylenol, blankets, and lots of water and rest were the remedity of the day.

when i was sick growing up, my dad used to check my fever by kissing my forehead. it's one of my favorite memories. i thought he had some sort of super power. he always knew that i was sick even before i did.

my mom's favorite remedy was (and still is) a cold cloth. i would tell her my tummy hurt, she'd give me a cold cloth. i had a fever...cold cloth. headache...cold cloth. the cold cloth would rotate from my head to my tummy and back again. it worked like a charm every single time.

i'm a huge fan of vicks vapor rub. i literally just put some on my little guy (in the middle of writing this post he woke up in a coughing fit). i rub it very generously on his back, chest, and feet. i don't know if it works- but it smells like healing.

what do you do? any tricks?

Sunday, March 23, 2014

portrait, 11 of 52.

easton: he had an amazing time in the row boat on lake tapps.
sailor: he's been chewing on his fingers all week.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

mama to a four month old.

our tiny little sailor-boy is four months old! we were traveling by plane on his four month birthday which was a fun treat for all of us :) sailor was a doll on the plane. he nursed, fell asleep, wiggled, and cried when the air pressure changed (his ears probably hurt).

this past month he started to fully develop his little laugh. he is such a giggler. he smiles all the time. huge smiles. he is such a pleasant baby to be around almost all day long. he has been napping like a champ and wakes up two times throughout the night for some one-on-one mama time. we have begun scheduling his day- and it goes a little like this:

wake up and feed at 7am. stay awake for an hour and then nap time. wake up and feed around 10am. stay up and play for an hour, then nap time. wake up and feed around 1pm. stay up and giggle for an hour, then nap time. wake up and feed around 5:30. stay up and make everyone crazy during our dinner. feed, then bed time around 7:30. it's a pretty great little routine.

we were out of town this week (in seattle) and sailor had a little trouble adjusting. he went on a nursing strike. i'm so happy that a friend of mine mentioned her son's nursing strike years ago (right after i had easton) so i knew what was happening. he just- stopped nursing while we were in seattle. eventually during his feeding times he'd get some milk in, but it took almost an hour to feed him every time i nursed for three days. he'd arch his back, cry, and wouldn't let me get my boob anywhere near his face. but- he's back to his old ways today and nursing like a stud.

he doesn't like me to leave his side when he's awake. he's quite needy. i'm learning to love this about him because, he won't be a baby for long. i'm looking forward to month five- and watching this baby boy grow in mind and body!

Thursday, March 13, 2014

portrait, 10 of 52.

sailor: we don't bathe him nearly as often as we should...
easton: he loved watching the planes at the airport.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

keeping my family healthy...

 i try to do my part in helping my family stay as healthy and strong as possible through food, exercise, and making sure emotional needs are met (we've even done therapy, (gasp!!)). 

although i cook whole foods, buy very few processed foods and encourage fruits and veggies above all else- i know that there are gaps in the nutritional needs being met in my household.

a couple of years ago my friend suggested i try Juice Plus+ after a few bouts of sickness following tony's new job as an elementary school principal. that man high fives, shakes hands, and knuckle bumps 725 sweet little germy kids every single day. he was paying the price. 

after he started taking Juice Plus+ the colds just sort of…phased out. eventually i started taking it and [truly] have not been sick in the last two years. easton, who goes to day care two times a week has gotten sick only twice (one of those times being last month). when he has gotten sick, we double up on Juice Plus+ and his colds last half the time of his other sick pals. a huge bonus? we eat the chewables in our house- and it's like having desert every morning ;) 

i write about this great product because i truly believe that it helps keep our family healthy, and i want my readers to give it a chance to help they're family, too! 

here is some information about Juice Plus+ which i think everyone should know. 

What: Juice Plus is not a vitamin. It's food. It's been approved by the FDA. It's a capsule (or chewable) that started out as fruit, veg, and berries. The food is picked when they are vine ripe, juiced, and then the pulp and juice are dehydrated and put into capsule or chewable form. When taking Juice Plus+, you are getting a full days worth of fruit and veggie nutrients. PLUS, you are getting a full variety of fruits and vegetables that most of us just don't get on our own.

Why: You should take this product if you want to stay healthy even in the worst of sick seasons, you feel like you just might need a little more nutrient variety in your diet that you can't get on your own, and/or you  want to have prettier skin, gums, heart arteries, ect. :) It's great for kids and adults!!!

If you are interested in reading more about it, click here to get all sorts of information on clinical research that has been done on Juice Plus+ in a number of different areas like, immunity, tooth health, heart health, inflammation, etc. 

let me know if you want to learn more about the product, or try it for yourself!  (also, adults can buy their supply and if they have children over the age of four, their kids get a free monthly supply to participate in a clinical children's study! score!!)

Saturday, March 8, 2014

i'm struggling a bit...

i'm really struggling with losing the weight i gained while pregnant with sailor.

after having easton, the weight truly just melted off. yes, i had a bit more time to hike more often. but other than that- things are pretty much the same. except they're not.

i've been eating better, watching my calories, and working out regularly. i've been so discouraged and overwhelmed with the combination of going back to work (part time), sending sailor and easton to day care while i work, personal commitments, social commitments, keeping up my home, cooking, and being a wife- that i just sort of broke down this week. slowly, slowly i have diverted from the eating and working out that i was getting so good at. it started with filet mignon last week, only working out twice this week, and moved on to a full blown binge-eating-of-sweets fiasco.

today is a new day. but i feel heavier. i feel really sad. i focus far too much on my weight- i know this. but i want so badly to feel good about my size. whaaa whaaa whaaa.

today is a new day. back to the grind.

Friday, March 7, 2014

portrait, 9 of 52.

sailor: this little guy giggled out loud last night!
easton: he and i tried to make a mailbox out of a shoe box this morning- it turned into a barn.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

i've been eating, cooking, reading, browsing, and buying…

vegan still. well sort of. tony and i went to a sushi dinner a couple of weeks ago. it was so good i wanted to cry. and i had dinner at my neighbor's house on friday night. he cooked filet mingon and i ate the whole steak. amazing. also- i've been having a little late night treat of animal cracker (so fancy) and honey. try it. it's amazing.

i haven't made many new dishes this past month. i've been cooking some tofu tacos, carrot soup, veggie soup, and roasted red pepper soup. i also make a mean french toast for easton which i drip honey on- he love that!

i checked out the book, Bébé: Day by Day from the library. it's about french parenting styles. my favorite tid-bit was about how the french don't encourage reading at an early age. they feel (i'm paraphrasing) that children before the age of six should be focused on learning how to be organized and articulate, how to have conversations,  finish projects, and tackle problems. when kids are six, their learn to read in much less time than it would take them at age three.

i'm in the market for new workout shoes. i'm in love with vibrams (and have owned the five finger style) and will hopefully be buying a pair pretty soon. i'm refusing to buy any clothes until i hit a certain weight- i have 38 more pounds to lose until i hit my prepregnancy weight...eeeeps! but, i've been coveting a lot of styles by Free People.

i just bought a pair of shoes that i have wanted for, wait for it....two WHOLE years. it took only two years for someone to knockoff the chloè ballet flats that i saw over two years ago. thank you, jessica simpson. thank you. i also bought some face products by Mario Badescu.   i'll tell you how i'm liking them in a couple of months ;)

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