Friday, February 14, 2014

valentine's day.

 we had a great start to valentine's day. first, (at midnight) i gave tony a little outfit that i bought from h&m. i'm a sneaky little fox because we agreed not to buy gifts this year- but i couldn't help it. i'm a giver…what can i say?

when easton woke up he went into the family room to find twenty five red balloons all over the floor and one big huge balloon that sings when it's tapped. so our morning started off with all four of us dancing to "this thing called love."

easton and sailor had a few valentine's cards and little gifts to open. i would like to say that valentine's day just happens to be one of my favorite holidays and i try to do special stuff every year. easton got a sweatshirt from his "mama-valentine" and sailor got two bonnets.

we met some friends at open gym at our gymnastics studio and played for an (hard) for an hour. we came back to mac & cheese served on heart plates (obviously) and star cookies for desert.

tonight, tony and i have a tax appointment. so…happy valentine's day to us.

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