Wednesday, February 26, 2014

family hike.

sunday was an absolutely beautiful day here in the bay area. we decided to take a family hike in the santa cruz mountains. the trail we went to is one that we hike often. it's really flat so it's quite easy to let a toddler walk and we've even taken tony's grandmother on this hike (who is in amazing shape AND she's 82 years old!!).

this is one of those trails that shows the immense beauty of northern california. it smells like eucalyptus, redwood trees, and rich soil. the redwood trees are huge and magnificent and there are little water falls running throughout.  here are a couple snapshots from our day.

*note- the family picture was taken by a stranger and i didn't notice until i got home that easton's eye is half closed (what a bummer!!).

if you're interested in hiking this trail...i forget the name.'s about 4 miles up black road and it connects all the way to saratoga springs (or you can do a shorter 4 mile round trip to the lake and back.).

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