Monday, February 24, 2014

do you cook daily?

i cook dinner [almost] every night. maybe twice a month we eat out (and that's usually at chipotle, we're pretty fancy, you see...). but most of the time, we eat dinner in.

the other day my friend and i were talking about cooking. she was amazed that i cook every night. she gave me the brilliant idea of cooking monday through saturday but make sunday nights "fend for yourself" night. i loved that idea!! usually by sunday i am out of food and out of ideas- so it would be nice to take a night off (a sabath, if you will).

i gave it a try this week and it worked wonderfully! easton ate some left over mac & cheese (which i sneakily covered with carrot soup), tony made some sort of burrito concoction, and i ate left over veggie soup and brown rice.

cooking happens to be something that i have grown quite fond of. i love being in the kitchen. i love making things that my husband likes to eat.  i absolutely love watching easton eat something that i've made (it rarely happens so i really savor it when it does). cooking for other people is one of my greatest joys.

i'm curious. do you cook daily? if you do, do you have one day a week that you make everyone fend for themselves? do you have a weekly cooking tradition like, "pizza fridays" or "taco tuesdays?"

also, one of my most favorite places to find recipes is pinterest, but nothing beats a beautiful cookbook. i love the cookbook; The Kinfolk Table: Recipes for Small Gatherings. the pictures in the cookbook are so artfully done and the stories make me so cozy and thoughtful.

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