Wednesday, February 26, 2014

family hike.

sunday was an absolutely beautiful day here in the bay area. we decided to take a family hike in the santa cruz mountains. the trail we went to is one that we hike often. it's really flat so it's quite easy to let a toddler walk and we've even taken tony's grandmother on this hike (who is in amazing shape AND she's 82 years old!!).

this is one of those trails that shows the immense beauty of northern california. it smells like eucalyptus, redwood trees, and rich soil. the redwood trees are huge and magnificent and there are little water falls running throughout.  here are a couple snapshots from our day.

*note- the family picture was taken by a stranger and i didn't notice until i got home that easton's eye is half closed (what a bummer!!).

if you're interested in hiking this trail...i forget the name.'s about 4 miles up black road and it connects all the way to saratoga springs (or you can do a shorter 4 mile round trip to the lake and back.).

portrait, 8 of 52.

sailor- he was in wonder on our hike; taking in all the sights, sounds, and smells.
easton- he was resting on daddy's shoulders but would get down every time he saw a banana slug. he wanted to touch it, you see...

Monday, February 24, 2014

do you cook daily?

i cook dinner [almost] every night. maybe twice a month we eat out (and that's usually at chipotle, we're pretty fancy, you see...). but most of the time, we eat dinner in.

the other day my friend and i were talking about cooking. she was amazed that i cook every night. she gave me the brilliant idea of cooking monday through saturday but make sunday nights "fend for yourself" night. i loved that idea!! usually by sunday i am out of food and out of ideas- so it would be nice to take a night off (a sabath, if you will).

i gave it a try this week and it worked wonderfully! easton ate some left over mac & cheese (which i sneakily covered with carrot soup), tony made some sort of burrito concoction, and i ate left over veggie soup and brown rice.

cooking happens to be something that i have grown quite fond of. i love being in the kitchen. i love making things that my husband likes to eat.  i absolutely love watching easton eat something that i've made (it rarely happens so i really savor it when it does). cooking for other people is one of my greatest joys.

i'm curious. do you cook daily? if you do, do you have one day a week that you make everyone fend for themselves? do you have a weekly cooking tradition like, "pizza fridays" or "taco tuesdays?"

also, one of my most favorite places to find recipes is pinterest, but nothing beats a beautiful cookbook. i love the cookbook; The Kinfolk Table: Recipes for Small Gatherings. the pictures in the cookbook are so artfully done and the stories make me so cozy and thoughtful.

Sunday, February 23, 2014

mama to a three month old (and toddler)!

sailor-boy turned three months this week...

sailor is (by far) a very different baby than easton was. he likes to be held (much more) than easton did, he's far less fussy, and he sleeps like a champ. sailor is sleeping through the night at least half of the time, while the other half, he wakes only once. i almost wish he'd wake up more often then he does- it makes me feel a little more needed, i suppose.

sailor is such a happy baby. he usually cries when he's hungry and tired. that's about it. sailor seems to be very sensitive to gas pain, so i've had to cut out dairy from my diet because for some reason that affects his tummy. last week i ate cheese for the first time since new year's day and sailor was miserable for the next couple of days. so, dairy free, i go.

i once heard someone say, "no child has the same parent." i can't believe how true that is. easton had a mama who was much more stressed (in the beginning), who stayed at home full time with him until he hit 14 months, and spent much of the day with only his needs to worry about. sailor, on the other hand is experiencing a much more easy-going mama.  i have gone back to work (part-time, two days a week) and he shares my attention with the needs of easton. while i didn't leave easton's side until he was seven months old, sailor spent the entire week (at just under three months) with tony while i was in a training for work. i don't believe that easton or sailor got the better version of my parenting, just different. all i can do is pray that my boys will get what they need from me- and that i can adjust my sails to fit their needs throughout their lives.

here are a few highlights/tid-bits from sailor's third month:

-sailor's eyes are still a dark shade of blue grey.
-the shape of sailor's eyes are identical to mine but his hair line is tony's. some people say he looks like me, other's say he is tony's twin. either way, sailor-boy is beautiful.
-sailor is wearing 3-6 month clothes, which might be insignificant to other people but to us it demonstrates just how different his size is compared to easton's. e was tiny, and wore clothes that were less than his age range (still today).
-he has begun to reach and grab things (right now he is really into the crackle book that was first easton's)
-he goes to sleep around 8pm and sleeps until 2:30am. (although sometimes he sleeps straight through until 7am)
-he smiles at his daddy and his brother all the time
-he takes a bottle from tony (pretty) well. but would much rather nurse.
-we lay him down while he's still awake for both naps and bedtime- and he falls asleep on his own.
-white noise still helps to soothe him
-he doesn't like the car, although i think it's because he is in his carseat and not in my arms (and has less to do with the car).
-i rarely put him in a stroller, he loves to be strapped to my chest (and i love that, too).
-he nurses constantly throughout the day (which i also love :)

sailor-boy (a nickname that was first used by easton and has stuck) is such a beautiful, happy, and healthy baby. we are so thankful that God has blessed us with such a gift.

here is easton's three month post, if you're interested in reading it!

Thursday, February 20, 2014

portrait, 7 of 52.

easton: this boy is all smiles when he plays football with his daddy.
sailor: his cheeks are so rollie and happy.

Friday, February 14, 2014

valentine's day.

 we had a great start to valentine's day. first, (at midnight) i gave tony a little outfit that i bought from h&m. i'm a sneaky little fox because we agreed not to buy gifts this year- but i couldn't help it. i'm a giver…what can i say?

when easton woke up he went into the family room to find twenty five red balloons all over the floor and one big huge balloon that sings when it's tapped. so our morning started off with all four of us dancing to "this thing called love."

easton and sailor had a few valentine's cards and little gifts to open. i would like to say that valentine's day just happens to be one of my favorite holidays and i try to do special stuff every year. easton got a sweatshirt from his "mama-valentine" and sailor got two bonnets.

we met some friends at open gym at our gymnastics studio and played for an (hard) for an hour. we came back to mac & cheese served on heart plates (obviously) and star cookies for desert.

tonight, tony and i have a tax appointment. so…happy valentine's day to us.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

portrait, 6 of 52.

easton: he's been closing his eyes and throwing things behind him. it's really funny…
sailor: his face is starting to take on the shape of mine when i was a baby. it's not nearly as round as it used to be.

Sunday, February 9, 2014

relax. rejuvenate. restore.

i had a very restorative and rejuvenating weekend. it was a rough week. but sometimes i have to go through the rough stuff to recognize how good i have it, most of the time.

on saturday morning i went to a foot reflexology place. you know, the places that charge $20 for an hour foot rub. amazing. then, i had coffee with a dear friend who also just had a baby. we walked and talked and vented. i pumped for the first time and left sailor home with easton and daddy- of course when i got back i was half hoping to find tony in a state of chaos (just so he can understand what i go through during the week). but, no. the dishes were done, the babies were both napping, and two loads of laundry were folded. heh. whatever.

then we had our friends over for dinner. august and matt have three sick kids too. so all of our sick kids played together and we made pizza and talked about our dreams of moving to the pacific northwest and living in wide open space with fresh air and less people.

today, we stayed inside all day. we watched veggie tales, made paper airplanes, napped, and i knitted. we headed off to church at 4pm (date night, as tony calls it because we put easton in sunday school while we sit together in the sanctuary) and ate chipotle for dinner.

it was a relaxing, rejuvenating, and restorative weekend. just what the doctor ordered.

even molly relaxed...

Friday, February 7, 2014

a (really) hard week.

this week has been (by far) the hardest week since having sailor. easton has been a whiny little snot, sailor is a doll- but seriously the crying eventually gets to me, and i've been wondering why we have any toys at all because easton will not play with ANY of them. i can't turn around without one of my two kids all over me and most of the time it's both of them all over me at once.

i have never been a spanker. i don't know that i ever will be. but this week i had to walk away from easton a few times because i wanted to. the boy won't eat. he won't stop whining. he wants to watch tv- but i won't have that on all day. he won't play on his own when he's at home, and he's sick- so i can't take him out. when a kid is sick- he' basically a piraña. no one, i mean NO ONE wants a sick kid around. so, i'm stuck inside with a toddler, an infant, and a really obnoxious pug.

to make this situation worse, tony has been out late four nights in a row for work/personal commitments. i'm lonely, bored, i don't drink…what's a girl to do.

write. pray. go to sleep early.


Tuesday, February 4, 2014

poo-poo muffins.

i named these muffins poo-poo muffins because they have a LOT of fiber. one of my children (i'm not saying who) has a really tough time with constipation. it's been a problem for a while now, and it has caused a lot of concern. once, i changed this little child's diaper to find a diaper full of blood. everything was checked by the doctor and the analysis by the doctor (after loads of tests) was….constipation.

he was prescribed a stool softener but i really wanted to make one last attempt to correct this problem with food not drugs.  hippocrates, the famous philosopher said, “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” so, i decided to take that dead guy's advice. 

once my bèbè started eating these muffins, it wasn't long until things got movin. thanks be to God for solving this problem. 

here is the simple and delicious recipe. (there are 6.5 grams of fiber and 130 calories in every muffin. this recipe makes about 20 regular size muffins.)


2 cups organic wheat bran 1 cup organic oat bran 1 cup organic whole wheat flour 2 teaspoons baking soda 1 teaspoon baking powder 1/2 teaspoon salt 2 large eggs 2/3 cup milk 2/3 cup yogurt 1/3 cup safflower oil (or other neutral oil) 1/3 cup agave syrup 1/3 cup honey 1 teaspoon pure vanilla extract 1 bag of frozen organic blueberries

combine all the dry ingredients in a bowl. combine all the wet ingredients in a separate bowl. combine. preheat oven to 375. cook for 18-20 minutes. bon a' petite.

Monday, February 3, 2014

portrait, 5 of 52.

easton: he finally tried the vegan "chocolate" shake that i make everyday, and loved it! (he also spilled it all over the carpet, eek.)

sailor: easton was taking care of him by piling blankets on him to keep him warm (i believe there were eight in total).

Sunday, February 2, 2014

i've been eating, cooking, reading, browsing, and buying…oh, and knitting!

i am still eating [mostly] vegan. i've had a couple of slip-ups. once my slip was on two HUGE homemade chocolate chip cookies- i don't regret it for one minute. the second was Super Bowl, when i ate a couple of vegetarian stuffed mushrooms and some spinach balls which had egg. other than that- it's vegan all the way. my favorite daily treat is a "chocolate" shake made with spinach, blueberries, and cocoa powder (among other things).

i have been making a really fabulous veggie soup with a carrot juice and water base. i add as many veggies as i have in the fridge, lots of herbs, and cashew butter (which i blend in the food processor with two cups of the veggie soup that has been cooking). the cashew butter mixture makes it "creamy." it's really delicious and so so healthy.

i've just started Taking Back Childhood, written by Nancy Carlsson-Paige. the book is about how to raise confident, creative, compassionate kids. i bought it when i was pregnant with easton after i heard an interview with the author on NPR. so far, so good. 

i've been knee deep in searching for sofas. we need need need a sofa. i was finally about to pull the trigger in macy's last night, but the couch is out of stock until may. i just can't wait that long…so the search continues. 

i have made two purchases in the last few days. an ottoman which matches our west elm love seat and two custom frames for two pieces of art that i've had for a really long time. i can't wait to put those bad boys on the wall. i also purchased a fabulous veggie brush! 

i've just finished a scarf for tony and an infinity scarf for….someone. i'm not sure who the lucky recipient will be. i'm also working on a smaller version of the scarf i made for tony, for easton. he is really excited about it!

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