Wednesday, January 22, 2014

let's talk about parental guilt.

sometimes i wonder if i'm the only mama out there who questions my parenting skills constantly. i am always asking myself if i should be allowing easton to watch tv, eat a certain breakfast bar, stay in the house all day, look at electronics while sitting in the stroller,  etc. etc.

guilt is one feeling that i find myself constantly battling. i always feel as if i could have, should have done better. on the days that i feel great about my parenting decisions, i feel guilty about the household chores i didn't get accomplished. on the days that i feel good about the chores i finished and my time with easton, i feel guilty about the fact that i didn't get dinner on the table. and there are those days when i feel like the only answer to easton's whining is giving in to whatever he's having a fit about- those are the days i feel really guilty.

i once heard someone say, "sometimes you just have to concentrate on being a "human-being" and not a "human-doing'." i loved that. i love the idea of letting myself just be. being just as i am HAS to be good enough somedays. i will always take care of my children's needs, food will always be put on the table (even if it's take out), and i will always have a healthy home environment for my family- even if it doesn't appear to be catalog worthy.

i wish i could turn off those voices in my head that tell me i'm not good enough, or i don't do enough…

how do you deal with parental guilt? my newest challenge to myself is to make sure that at least 15 minutes of every hour is dedicated, intentional quality time with my children. i notice that the days i am overly distracted with computers, phone, and other media are the days that i feel the most guilty about parenting.

most importantly, i want to concentrate on just "being." i want to watch easton while he plays instead of using that time to check my email, i want to cook and not feel the need to clean up right away every single time, and i want to sit down and enjoy time with my family even if my house isn't in perfect order. i am going to work on not feeling so guilty all the time.

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