Thursday, December 26, 2013

our christmas.

tony and i had such an amazing Christmas. we celebrated Christmas eve with family, then headed home for grilled cheese sandwiches, soup, and wrapping gifts while watching Elf and Family Man (our two favorite christmas movies). a happy little elf (we assume) left pajamas for easton and a christmas book to read before bed! (what a nice little elf.)

christmas morning, tony's parents came over to eat breakfast and open gifts. tony cooked eggs, cinnamon rolls, bacon, and coffee. easton ate chocolate (how he got his little paws on that....i don't know) and sailor drank milk ;)

after we opened santa's gifts we relaxed. easton went down for a long nap, i made carrot soup (and took a nap), and tony chilled with baby sailor. we went to visit family in pinole and stayed there until close to 10pm. easton fell asleep in a twin bed! it was his first time sleeping in anything other than a crib. very cute.

one of my favorite things about christmas? i get to see glimpses of my dad everywhere. he loved christmas and made so many decorations over the years. he made ornaments, reindeer wall decor, candles, snow flakes, and so much more. it was very special to put one of my dad's ornaments on my own family tree this year. i miss that guy. a lot.

our christmas was everything...EVERYTHING we could have asked for. all of our family and friends are healthy. our boys are thriving. and we are madly in love. life is beautiful.

(ps- this year was tony and my tenth christmas together!)

read about our christmas traditions here!

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