Monday, December 2, 2013

baby sailor.

sailor was born on november 17th. i was thrilled to go into labor naturally (this time) and spent most of my labor at home, at the mall (my happy place), and at my friend's house. tony and i were together through the whole thing...start to finish.

i finally went to the hospital once my hair was freshly washed and blow dried and my contractions were 2 minutes apart. once i was there- it took three short hours to have my little guy. i pushed, i screamed, and i attached myself so fiercely to my nurse that i wouldn't let her leave my side. at all. ever.
tony was sort of...chopped liver. i let him stand beside me but that was about the extent of it. i did not get an epidural and i'm extremely proud of ma-self!

once sailor was born we were transferred to another room where we relaxed, had a few visitors, and saw easton for the first time since we dropped him off the night before.

when easton came in to meet sailor, he sat right next to me- stole my orange juice, and said 'hi sailor' as if he'd met him a hundred times before. he was unfazed and honestly, unimpressed by all the baby stuff- but he drank orange juice for the first time and couldn't have been more thrilled about that. he would have been much more impressed had i given birth to orange juice and not a human being. easton had a gift for sailor (thank you shayne and jj for helping out with that special treat) and sailor gave easton a stuffed bird who is named pablo. pablo the pigeon.

we left the hospital on monday, got home to a clean house (thanks to my nesting right before i went into labor), and enjoyed our first night at home with just the three of us. we picked up easton the next day at his fabulous babysitter's house. he stayed over night at his sitter's house while we were in the hospital and spent the days with our friends shayne and jj.

we are blessed to have two healthy, beautiful boys. we are blessed to have friends who took care of our child like he was their own. and we are so so so blessed to have a marriage that has and will continue to foster a nurturing environment for our children. we couldn't be more thrilled with our newest family member. life is good.

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