Saturday, December 28, 2013

a few things i'll be working on in 2014.

baking with easton.
eating healthy meals and less sugar.
playing with easton even when i want to be browsing online.
practicing on my guitar.
building my savings account.
shopping for vintage gems both for home and closet.
adding a little more exercise into my day. 
giving more of my time to a non-profit that i care deeply about and has been instrumental in my life.
exploring family friendly areas of san francisco and yummy places to eat.
reading all of the unread books that i've bought over the years- and not buying any more books. the library is a better option.
cleaning up my mouth. (i don't say bad words in front of easton, but they do slip out in front of other people sometimes- and i don't like how the words sound when i say them.)
attending church on a weekly basis.
losing the weight i gained while pregnant.
wearing my favorite pieces of jewelry more often- even if they are too fancy for daily wear.
organizing all of the boys' clothing by size in boxes and storing them neatly in the garage.
traveling anywhere as long as it's with tony.
cooking for friends and family in our home.
having dinner parties and wearing red lipstick.
reminding myself that i am enough.

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