Saturday, December 28, 2013

a few things i'll be working on in 2014.

baking with easton.
eating healthy meals and less sugar.
playing with easton even when i want to be browsing online.
practicing on my guitar.
building my savings account.
shopping for vintage gems both for home and closet.
adding a little more exercise into my day. 
giving more of my time to a non-profit that i care deeply about and has been instrumental in my life.
exploring family friendly areas of san francisco and yummy places to eat.
reading all of the unread books that i've bought over the years- and not buying any more books. the library is a better option.
cleaning up my mouth. (i don't say bad words in front of easton, but they do slip out in front of other people sometimes- and i don't like how the words sound when i say them.)
attending church on a weekly basis.
losing the weight i gained while pregnant.
wearing my favorite pieces of jewelry more often- even if they are too fancy for daily wear.
organizing all of the boys' clothing by size in boxes and storing them neatly in the garage.
traveling anywhere as long as it's with tony.
cooking for friends and family in our home.
having dinner parties and wearing red lipstick.
reminding myself that i am enough.

Thursday, December 26, 2013

our christmas.

tony and i had such an amazing Christmas. we celebrated Christmas eve with family, then headed home for grilled cheese sandwiches, soup, and wrapping gifts while watching Elf and Family Man (our two favorite christmas movies). a happy little elf (we assume) left pajamas for easton and a christmas book to read before bed! (what a nice little elf.)

christmas morning, tony's parents came over to eat breakfast and open gifts. tony cooked eggs, cinnamon rolls, bacon, and coffee. easton ate chocolate (how he got his little paws on that....i don't know) and sailor drank milk ;)

after we opened santa's gifts we relaxed. easton went down for a long nap, i made carrot soup (and took a nap), and tony chilled with baby sailor. we went to visit family in pinole and stayed there until close to 10pm. easton fell asleep in a twin bed! it was his first time sleeping in anything other than a crib. very cute.

one of my favorite things about christmas? i get to see glimpses of my dad everywhere. he loved christmas and made so many decorations over the years. he made ornaments, reindeer wall decor, candles, snow flakes, and so much more. it was very special to put one of my dad's ornaments on my own family tree this year. i miss that guy. a lot.

our christmas was everything...EVERYTHING we could have asked for. all of our family and friends are healthy. our boys are thriving. and we are madly in love. life is beautiful.

(ps- this year was tony and my tenth christmas together!)

read about our christmas traditions here!

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

mama to a one month old (and toddler!)

baby sailor turned one month old yesterday. needless to say, this has been an incredible month.

i have to admit- i was extremely nervous for tony to go back to work (he stayed home for two weeks and two days on paternity leave). i was concerned that i just couldn't do it; couldn't be a good mother to two little ones. but tony did go back eventually- and i am just fine.

easton goes to day care with his beloved donna (my babysitter when i was young) two days a week. he loves donna and easton's time away gives baby sailor and i some alone time.

sailor is a really really strong little guy. stronger than any baby i've ever met. he rolled over (i have witnesses) when he was just under three weeks old. he rolled from tummy to back while he was relaxing on our comfy chair. that was a crazy sight.

sailor is a really good eater and has been since the day he was born. i'm so thankful that nursing again has been smooth and easy. he has been making lots of eye contact in the last couple of days and he seems to stay awake for longer periods of time during the day. sailor eyes still look blue- but we'll see. easton's changed to a light brown around three months.

he hates to be put down- he seriously wants to be held all. the. time. but he is a baby after all. i've started wearing him in the baby carrier inside the house so i can get dishes done and anything else that has to be done around the house.

we put sailor to sleep in his car seat right now because he will not go to sleep on his back or side in the bassinet. last night we ended up bringing the carseat in between us on the bed. he became so fussy whenever my hands weren't on him that i wasn't able to get any sleep until i brought him on the bed. he usually gets fussy around 10pm and i have a hard time getting him to calm down on his own (meaning not in my arms) until around midnight. so that makes me quite sleepy (and grumpy).

i am a lot less tired than i thought i would be and i owe that mostly to my husband and toddler. easton sleeps well at night all the time now and tony is such a help (even waking in the middle of the night to change sailor when i ask him too). sailor usually wakes up twice. once around 2:30 and once around 4:30.

it's been fun so far- i can't wait to see what month two will bring! if you're interested in comparing the two boys- easton's one month post is here!

Sunday, December 15, 2013

frascone holiday traditions.

we have a few old traditions and a few new traditions here at the frascone house. we love the holidays now that we have little ones running and laying around- and can't wait to watch easton and sailor grow up with our favorite holiday rituals. here are our top seven christmas traditions...

1. we all decorate the tree together. this is a tradition that was brought into our house from my parent's house. growing up, my mom, dad, sister, and i would put on christmas music and decorate the tree as a family (and we'd always fight over which ornaments we got to hang up). now, we are doing it with our boys. very special.

2. we wear christmas crowns at our christmas dinner. (an english tradition that my family started doing years and years ago- it's now one of my most favorite holiday traditions)
3. we have one person play "santa" every year. this person gets to distribute the gifts to everyone- we all open gifts one at a time while everyone watches! 

4. an "elf" brings new pajamas to the kids and one new (or used) christmas book on christmas eve. tony and i started this tradition last year and can't wait to continue it for years to come. 

5. we cut our tree down at a christmas tree farm. this tradition came to us by way of tony's family. tony grew up cutting his tree down and now we are doing it with our best friend's. it's a very special day. we make hot chocolate, breakfast burritos, and cookies and tailgate before we head off to cut down our tree.

6. christmas eve day we make grilled cheese sandwhichs and soup and watch a christmas movie. then we get dressed and head over to tony's family home and have (fancy) christmas eve dinner.

7. santa puts tinsel on the tree after he's left the gifts. that tradition came from my family- it was always a spectacular site to see the christmas tree with tinsel all over it. it was so magical and made me feel so warm and jolly inside.

(my other favorite tradition is that tony wears the SAME sweater every christmas morning- seen in the image above...)

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

a photo an hour.






waking up bright and early. cartoons in the morning & brother love. easton chooses his outfit everyday. morning walk with molly, our pug. hike by our house. bath time is the perfect time to fold laundry. nap time for both boys. playing at the park in our hood. leaving the park. quiet play before dinner. daddy's home! unwinding with two of my boys. early to bed for me. 

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

best gift for new moms.

my girlfriend bought me the best baby gift ever...

a gift card to evolution meals. it's a meal delivery service that brings yummy, healthy meals right to your door. i bought enough meals to last us the whole week (dinners only) and was totally impressed with the quality of the food. all i needed to do was turn on the oven, set a timer, and serve. easy as pie.

last night we ate stuffed portobello mushrooms with feta, onions, and quinoa. today i ate baked kale and mushrooms over polenta. yum.

evolution meals has gluten free, vegetarian, and paleo style meals (i can't wait to try the paleo shepherd's pie that we will be eating for dinner tonight!).

thank you hilary for the lovely gift! i can totally see us using evolution meals again in the future- especially on weeks that i know will be busier than usual!

Monday, December 2, 2013

baby sailor.

sailor was born on november 17th. i was thrilled to go into labor naturally (this time) and spent most of my labor at home, at the mall (my happy place), and at my friend's house. tony and i were together through the whole thing...start to finish.

i finally went to the hospital once my hair was freshly washed and blow dried and my contractions were 2 minutes apart. once i was there- it took three short hours to have my little guy. i pushed, i screamed, and i attached myself so fiercely to my nurse that i wouldn't let her leave my side. at all. ever.
tony was sort of...chopped liver. i let him stand beside me but that was about the extent of it. i did not get an epidural and i'm extremely proud of ma-self!

once sailor was born we were transferred to another room where we relaxed, had a few visitors, and saw easton for the first time since we dropped him off the night before.

when easton came in to meet sailor, he sat right next to me- stole my orange juice, and said 'hi sailor' as if he'd met him a hundred times before. he was unfazed and honestly, unimpressed by all the baby stuff- but he drank orange juice for the first time and couldn't have been more thrilled about that. he would have been much more impressed had i given birth to orange juice and not a human being. easton had a gift for sailor (thank you shayne and jj for helping out with that special treat) and sailor gave easton a stuffed bird who is named pablo. pablo the pigeon.

we left the hospital on monday, got home to a clean house (thanks to my nesting right before i went into labor), and enjoyed our first night at home with just the three of us. we picked up easton the next day at his fabulous babysitter's house. he stayed over night at his sitter's house while we were in the hospital and spent the days with our friends shayne and jj.

we are blessed to have two healthy, beautiful boys. we are blessed to have friends who took care of our child like he was their own. and we are so so so blessed to have a marriage that has and will continue to foster a nurturing environment for our children. we couldn't be more thrilled with our newest family member. life is good.

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