Monday, October 28, 2013

montessori at home

since i (mostly) stay at home with easton, i feel it about time to start doing some sort of pre-school type activities during our days. we usually do some sort of interesting and new activity and try to incorporate outdoor adventures in our daily life.

i am thinking about starting a montessori curriculum with easton in january. we will be having a new baby quite soon (which will be a huge adjustment) so starting a pre-school curriculum right now might be a little too ambitious. i just ordered this book about montessori at home for preschoolers and i'm pretty excited to start reading it.

today e did a little washing activity. he watched fizzy soap fizz into a bowl of water and used sponges to wash his favorite animals. after some time, easton decided his table was dirty and started washing that. he loved drying the animals and took great care in cuddling them after he toweled them off. very sweet.

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Unknown said...

Awesome! I notice he's not wearing a hat either :)

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